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Tips on how to win a scholarship

Do you know that there are many scholarships available? The following article outlines the tips you can apply to win a scholarship.

  • Know where to look for the opportunities

 You may start by looking at your school / institution website for scholarships that may be available. You can also check from websites of embassies, or you can go online and type in undergraduate scholarships/postgraduate scholarships depending on your search preference. From there a whole list of scholarships will pop up from which you can make your selection. Government’s websites are also good spots to check for open scholarships

  • Taylor make your CV and Cover Letter to meet that specific scholarship advert
  • Read instructions carefully and follow all the steps when applying
  • Check on the eligibility criteria

Do not waste your time and energy by applying for opportunities which you are not eligible. Focus on the ones for which you are eligible.

  • Do not miss deadlines

It is good to apply early.

  • Be on the lookout – apply to as many scholarships as possible

Do not put your eggs in one basket. Increase your chance of winning by applying to as many opportunities as possible. Apply to every scholarship for which you are eligible.

  • Submit an exceptional scholarship essay / cover letter

Draft good essays, your essay should be able to tell a story. A good essay should be able to answer the following questions: 

1. What is your motivation to apply for the scholarship?

2.  How does your academic background and work experience align with the scholarship objectives?

3.  What can you offer?

Be short, clear, and straight to the point when drafting essays, keep the number of words within the required range. Check for grammatical errors and ask a colleague to proofread for you. Read the essay statement you must respond to and identify the key themes for example, Discuss an achievement that triggered a phase of personal growth in your life.

The key themes here are achievement and personal growth. Therefore, when drafting your essay, it should reflect on the accomplishments/ achievements that led your personal growth as an individual. The scholarship essay should include key words used in the scholarship statement.

  • Reference letters.

Build strong relationships with your academic mentors and make sure that they know you well before they provide a reflection of you in the letter. Make sure that your recommender is dependable such that if he/she is contacted to provide reference they will be available.

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