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Greenpeace International is seeking for candidates to serve as Board members: APPLY NOW!



Greenpeace International

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Application Deadline: 30 September 2022


Greenpeace International currently welcomes applications from candidates interested in serving as Board members. If you have deep and wide experience of working on the climate and biodiversity crises, as well as experience and knowledge of people-powered movements centered around justice and rights in environmental advocacy and constituency building, plus expertise in non-profit governance….please apply today!

Greenpeace International (GPI) seeks candidates to serve as Board members starting in December
2022. Successful candidates will be elected at the Annual General Meeting in November/December.
Please, read this document to learn about the primary and specific criteria GPI seeks in its candidates. In
addition, please note that GPI seeks candidates who will provide gender, age, race, ethnic and
geographical diversity.

The application process appear at the bottom of this memo.

To create a highly functioning Board, the BSC strives to achieve the right mix of competencies.The BSC
will weigh both specific and basic criteria when selecting candidates. We do not expect any candidate to
meet all criteria!

General Criteria:

Mission Relevant Knowledge and Expertise:
● Strong understanding of the climate emergency and biodiversity crises, with evidence of social,
political and economic analytical skills, including advocacy, policy, finance and movement
● Evidence of a commitment to environmental and social action, and appreciation of the complexity
of the issues and the way problems relate to one another.
● Evidence of expertise, activities, interests, knowledge, or achievements in constructing pathways
and narratives to sustainability and social and environmental justice.
● Commitment to non-violent, direct action and civil disobedience as a legitimate means to making
● Experience with – and interest in – Greenpeace’s campaign issues.
Governance, Oversight, and Financial Knowledge (all, of some of the following):
● Evidence of positive and strong governance experience, preferably in a complex multi-cultural
global organization.
● Evidence of understanding and practice of organizational strategic planning.
● Evidence of understanding of legal and other risk mitigation, particularly in the context of taking
deliberate, managed, strategic risks to achieve campaigning or organizational objectives.
● Evidence of possessing sufficient financial literacy to review and oversee budgets, with capacity
to identify major risks.
● Awareness of the legal implications in terms of liability related to the role of Board members.Values Alignment and Work Capacity:
● Possession of principles and integrity in alignment with Greenpeace’s values, including a clear
understanding of JEDIS principles (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Safety).
● Willingness to commit to the organization and the Board.
● Ability to work in a consensus decision-making environment (team player).
● Possession of sufficient time to contribute to the Board work (roughly 30 – 50 days per year,
including face-to-face Board meetings, travel, and small parcels of time responding to emails and
calls, and preparing for meetings).
● Evidence of fluency in written and spoken English.
● Evidence of basic computer skills.
Specific criteria:
We have identified the following areas of experience, expertise and demographic characteristics as
● Deep and wide experience working on the climate and biodiversity crises with a systemic change
focused advocacy agenda. Knowledge of, or experience in, the ecosystem of global campaigning
● Experience with and knowledge of people-powered movements that centers around justice/rights
in environmental advocacy and constituency building.
● Experience working in global organizations or movements, cross cultural competencies, and/or
experience in values and mission driven organizational change.
● Expertise in non-profit governance either as a chief executive of a complex global organization
and/or applied or academic knowledge of governance systems and best practices.
● Background and experience in advancing justice, equity, diversity, and safety in complex
● Experience with and knowledge of fundraising and engagement.
● Experience and skills with digital communication and technology, in particular, related to
innovative technology use in social media and mobilization.
● Legal expertise, specifically in social or environmental justice, or public-interest law and litigation.
● Experience in the recruitment and induction of executive-level staff.
● Preferably currently living in the Global South (Africa, Latin America, Asia).
● Representative of youth-oriented or inter-generational advocacy movements.

Additional notes:
● Current GPI Board member profiles:

● Tenure of a Board member: The Board members elected in December may serve until 2024 or 2025.
Board members are eligible to stand for re-election up to a maximum of seven years on the board.
● Board members are eligible to request a maximized amount of compensation for time spent on
certain elements of business pertaining to Board membership.
● Specified age group: Greenpeace seeks a Board that reflects a diversity of ages.
● Greenpeace International has a longstanding commitment of providing an environment that
respects the dignity and worth of each individual. We recognise and value the benefits and
strengths that diversity brings to our organization and we thrive in an environment that
encourages respect and trust. We do not discriminate in opportunities or practices on the basis of
age, ancestry, citizenship, colour, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or
expression, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran
status, or any other legally protected characteristic.
● Any former employees of any Greenpeace organization who have left such employment within
the last year are ineligible to the Board. Nevertheless, ex-employees may be nominated for, and
elected to the International Board at any time after they leave any Greenpeace organization, and may attend Board meetings as an observer. However, they cannot formally take up their position
on the Board or cast any votes until the period of 12 months has elapsed since their employment
with any Greenpeace organization.
● National/regional office Board members may not serve concurrently on the International Board. If
such a Board member wins the election, s/he must resign from the national/regional office Board
on appointment to the International Board.
● The candidate must not only have the time to serve but a flexible schedule allowing for
conference-call meetings at non-business hours to accommodate Board members’ various time


Potential candidates should send their CV (of 4 pages or less) and a cover letter (of 350 words or less), which summarizes how their profile aligns with the requirements, skills and abilities of this role, to: Ellen Dorsey and Diego Creimer, the GPI BSC chairs, (, stating GPIBoard/candidate surname in the subject line, by September 30th 2022.

The Board Search Committee will review the applications, contact the candidates, carry out interviews,
and propose a short list of candidates to propose to the trustees. A final decision will be made at the
Annual General Meeting in November or December 2022.
The BSC will treat all information about this recruitment process with care and confidentiality


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