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The Global Urban Transformations research Master’s programme 2023: DEADLINE IS TODAY, APPLY NOW!

Apply for The Global Urban Transformations research Master’s programme 2023 !



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Utrecht University

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Applications Deadline : 1 April 2023

Are you a research-minded student? Are you keen to explore how cities around the world develop and what it takes to make cities safe, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable? If so, the research Master’s programme Global Urban Transformations might be just what you’re looking for!

21st-Century Urban Challenges and Opportunities

Cities around the world are changing rapidly as a result of globalisation, climate change, migration and rapid urbanisation. Cities are confronted with conflicts resulting from economic competition, health and ecological crises and social inequalities. But some of these changes also present opportunities and innovation. Several global initiatives, including the New Urban Agenda and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, stress the importance of making cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable to adapt to and prepare for these global urban transformations. As a student in this research Master’s programme, you will analyse transformations taking place in cities all over the world using theories and methods from multiple social-scientific disciplines, based on a geographical and spatial planning perspective. Global urban transformations have long-lasting spatial and social effects, and have resulted in new dynamics of inclusion as well as exclusion in cities worldwide.

Researching Transformations

As a research Master’s student, you will identify the complexities of developing, planning, and governing cities in the context of global transformations. What are the opportunities, assets, conflicts, contestations, and dilemmas that arise during transformation processes? How do these processes shape the local spaces where people live, study and work? In your role as a human geographer, you will master a multi-scalar approach to understand how global forces intersect with local conditions, as well as how they create opportunities and barriers for cities therein. You will also learn smart and innovative governance solutions to solve the complex problems of transformation.

I want to combine my passion for researching and learning new things with my wish to build on a sustainable and just world!

Student Marte

Leading scholars from the fields of urban geography, economic geography, international development studies, and spatial planning will teach and actively participate in this Master’s degree programme, bringing expertise and experience from research across the globe. You will develop critical thinking skills regarding current approaches and instruments for the governance of urban transformations.

The need for researchers capable of analysing the complexity of contemporary urban issues is growing rapidly. Beyond creating foundations for a PhD, this Master’s programme will also prepare you for a career in research-oriented NGO’s, industry, public administration and urban planning, and activism.

Why in Utrecht

Studying Global Urban Transformations at Utrecht University has several advantages and benefits. The research Master’s Global Urban Transformations:

  • Is research driven, with theoretical development and advanced method training;
  • Has a small-scale setup, which allows for extensive interaction between staff and students;
  • Is taught by highly qualified, international, and committed staff who provide students with frequent feedback and assistance. Please read more about our teaching staff;
  • Has a strong international focus with opportunities to study abroad and/or conduct research in international settings;
  • Provides students with an excellent preparation for conducting research in academic, policy and consulting environments.


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