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Call to Action for Journalists: #CrisesofInequality UNRISD Media Contest 2022, Win up to US$1000. REGISTER NOW!

Apply Now : Call to Action for Journalists: #CrisesofInequality UNRISD Media Contest, Win up to US$1000.

Host Organization

United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD)

Target audience


Application Deadline: 10 October 2022

UNRISD, Crises of Inequality: Shifting Power for a New Eco-Social Contract

The United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) is launching the #CrisesofInequality Media Contest for the best journalistic materials to showcase the key themes of the Institute’s 2022 Flagship Report: Crises of Inequality: Shifting Power for a New Eco-Social Contract that will be launched in October 2022.

 UNRISD is an autonomous research institute within the UN system that undertakes interdisciplinary research and policy analysis on the media social dimensions of contemporary development issues. UNRISD works collaboratively with an extensive network of partners from the academic, policy, practitioner and activist communities in developed and developing countries, with the aim of positioning social equity, inclusion and justice at the centre of development thinking, policy and practice.

The purpose of this contest is to call on journalists to help us increase awareness on the urgency to build a new eco-social contract based on visions of justice, equality and sustainability. 

If you are a journalist working at the intersection of social and environmental justice and want to explore the role of elites and policy makers in driving or mitigating inequalities, the impacts of inequalities and crises on people’s lives, and individual and collective strategies to reclaim rights, register to participate in UNRISD’s #CrisesOfInequality Media Contest.

Registration closes on 10 October 2022. Entries should be submitted between 13 October and 31 October 2022 at 11:59 p.m. CET (GMT+1). Winners will be announced in November 2022.

 Registered journalists will be invited to partake in a briefing, to be held on 5 October, with the report’s lead authors, Katja Hujo and Maggie Carter. In the briefing participants will receive a sneak preview of the report’s findings, key messages and policy recommendations. Journalists will also be invited to attend the launch event of the report planned for mid-October 2022.


About the Flagship Report

 Through the lens of intersectionality and power, UNRISD’s 2022 Flagship Report shows how inequalities and crises reinforce and compound each other, leading to extreme disparity, vulnerability and unsustainability. It argues that this is not the result of a broken system but one in which inequality and injustice are built in by design, to the great detriment of people and planet. There is perhaps no stronger evidence of the pressing need to redesign our global system than the fact that a global health crisis  doubled  the wealth of the 10 richest men in the world while sending upwards of 120 million people into extreme poverty.

 The report’s key messages are:

  • Our world is in a state of fracture – the social contract is broken
  •      Not a flaw in the system, but a feature
  •   Inequality is a driver, an amplifier and a consequence of multiple crises, creating a vicious cycle
  • Vulnerable and marginalized groups are falling further behind; elites shield themselves and often exploit crises for their own gain
  •    We can create pathways towards a new eco-social contract based on visions of justice, equality and sustainability
  • We need a new development model for social, economic and climate justice
  •   Only if we rebalance existing power structures and create new alliances can we achieve transformative change
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 UNRISD’s flagship reports are recognized for deepening development debates, shaping policies, and putting critical issues squarely onto global agendas. The reports provide a wealth of evidence, analysis and proposals that can help people to make informed judgments on pressing global issues and to learn about potential policy solutions and political strategies.

About the Contest

I am a journalist. Why should I join the call to action?

Good journalism adds value to communities. Here are four reasons why you should participate in UNRISD’s call to action:

  • contribute to the awareness of urgent global challenges and highlight policies to overcome inequalities and promote transformative change
  • engage in a dialogue with UN experts and benefit from UNRISD’s 2022 Flagship research findings to connect global issues with local realities
  • gain visibility across UNRISD’s international platform, including on the Institute’s website, e-bulletin and on social media and bring your stories to a broader audience
  • At UNRISD, we’re proud to support engaged journalism that interacts meaningfully with the themes of the report and will award up to USD 1,000 to 4 winners, including a special prize to a journalist under 30.

Am I eligible to participate in the contest?

The contest is open to all press, radio and TV journalists and media actors working in any language. Eligible entries must:

  • Engage meaningfully with the key themes and findings of UNRISD’s 2022 Flagship Report
  • Be no longer than 1,500 words for print, 15 minutes for audio or 5 minutes for video
  • Include a written translation for all submissions not originally produced and published in English (note submissions will not be judged on the quality of the translation)
  • Be published by a media organization, that is, not self-published, between 13 and 31 October 2022
  • Submit the link of the published entry for consideration in the contest by 11:59 p.m. CET (GMT+1) on 31 October 2022 (submission link will be shared to registered participants in due time)

I’m interested! How do I participate?

To participate, eligible journalists are invited to:

  1. Register for the contest by completing this online form by 10 October 2022
  2. Attend the press briefing session on 5 October 2022 where UNRISD’s research team will present the report’s findings and key messages and be available to answer questions (optional, a link will be shared with registered participants)
  3. Acquaint themselves with the report’s key themes by reading the report preview and access an embargoed copy of the final report that will be distributed to accredited journalists one day before the launch
  4. Publish their piece between 13 and 30 October 2022
  5. Submit their entry by 31 October (a link will be provided to registered applicants)

How does UNRISD select finalists and winners?

Entries will be assessed by fellow journalists, experts in the subject matter and the UNRISD team based on the following criteria:

  • Choice of subject in relation to the themes of the report
  • Quality of journalistic production (written, audio and video technique)
  • Relevance, quality and creative use of findings in the published piece
  • Accessibility of the content for the general public


The top three entries will be selected and awarded a prize as follows:

  • 1st prize: USD 1,000
  • 2nd prize: USD 750
  • 3rd prize: USD 500

A special prize of USD 500 will be awarded to the best publication from a young (under the age of 30) reporter outside of the top three.

Journalists from the global South, people of colour, people from Indigenous and local communities, women, youth, and LGBTQ+ persons are strongly encouraged to join the call to action.

If you have questions regarding eligibility criteria or submissions guidelines, please contact with the subject: UNRISD Media Contest.


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