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Call for solutions to cope with the challenges posed by climate change (win up to €10,000) : APPLY NOW !

Apply Now for Call for solutions to cope with the challenges posed by climate change (win up to €10,000)

Host Organization

Enel Foundation

Target audience

International applicants (university, research centres, researchers, PhDs).

Application Deadline: 27 October 2022.


Following the 6th edition of Enel’s annual meeting with Academic Partners, organized by Enel Foundation under the framework of the World Energy for Universities (We4U) program, three specific challenges have just been launched and are available on Open Innovability, ready to be solved through collaborations between the corporate and academic worlds.

Taking stock of the insights gathered during the three panels of the annual meeting, in which subject-matter experts, representatives of the Enel Group and the Academic Partners exchanged their points of views, the challenges launched by the Europe Division of Enel S.p.a, Enel Grids and EnelX Way will address: the development of long-term contracts for electricity from renewables; grid resilience for extreme weather events (climate change); and the improvement and acceleration of O&M of charging infrastructure.

More specifically:

• The Europe Division of Enel S.p.a is looking for solutions at EU level to identify possible regulatory, market and financial solutions for the development of long-term contracts, especially for electricity from renewable sources. This challenge tackles the issue of gas price increases associated with the difficulty of having an outlook of market prices over the horizon of more than 3-5 years.

• Enel Grids is looking for the estimation of the resilience index for the electrical networks over the next 10-years horizon, taking into account three parameters: electricity flows increase and consequent network overload according to international scenarios, grids’ aging and intensification of local extreme weather events. The outcome of the study will be used as new input to the formula for the calculation of the Resilience Index.

• Enel X Way is looking for an innovative solution to optimize charging infrastructures maintenance, speeding up the operation and helping our operators to find the best solutions to solve technical problems as quickly as possible. The need is to associate each technical issue occurred to charging infrastructure with a possible solution, using image and video processing tools or similar that are able to recognize the most common problems and link each one to a specific common resolution procedure.


All challenges contribute to the development of several Sustainable Development Goals , especially SDG7, SDG9, SDG11 and SDG13. Each offers a €10,000 of reward and welcome all solvers around the world coming from the academic field (university, research centers, researchers, PhDs).

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