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RES4Africa is looking for a consulting firm/ consultant to produce a report, analysing the potential development of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in Tunisia.

Apply for a consulting firm/ consultant role at RES4Africa to produce a report, analysing the potential development of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in Tunisia



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Application Deadline: November 9, 2022


In the framework of the RES4Med programme, RES4Africa is seeking to contract a consulting firm / consultant to produce a report, analysing the potential development of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in Tunisia. The study will provide multiple perspectives (regulatory framework, market design, procurement, use cases etc.) for BESS in Tunisia, while providing guidance for a future deployment roadmap.

Born in 2012, RES4Africa (Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa) is a Foundation that works in
support of Africa’s just energy transition in order to achieve the SDG7, ensuring access to affordable,
reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. It functions as a bridge between Europe and Africa:
gathering a network of members from all over the clean energy sector from both continents and high-
level international partnerships, we ensure constant dialogue between the most relevant energy
stakeholders willing to mobilise investments in clean energy technologies.

The Tunisian Government is actively tapping into the renewable energy potential (wind and solar) to
help meet growing domestic electricity demand and increase the country’s energy security. In 2016,
the Government amended the Tunisia Solar Plan (TSP) to raise the generation from renewable
energy resources to 35% of total electricity production by 2030, corresponding to around 4 GW (4440
MW) of installed capacity.1 To date, the country is still far from reaching the targets: at the end of
2020, Tunisia had about 400MW of installed renewable energy capacity, of which about 250 MW
was wind power, 90 MW solar, and 60 MW hydroelectric.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has shocked the power system and future renewable energy projects have been set off track. The deployment of solar and wind farms slowed down due to the closing of industries that are part of the supply chain and the restrictions on workforces (SolarPower Europe 2020 and Wind Europe 2020).

Despite this, the Tunisian Ministry of Energy is committed to reaching its TSP and INDC targets by
promoting investments in RES projects. This will necessitate a reflection on the integration of
intermittent wind and solar output and ensuring the overall grid is efficient and resilient, regardless
of the generation sources

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) could enable the integration of high percentages of variable
renewable energy and meet RE targets in a way that is sustainable and that contributes to enhancing
the reliability of the power system.

Through this TOR, RES4Africa Foundation seeks to contract a consulting firm/a consultant to
produce a report analysing the potential development of BESS in Tunisia from multiple perspectives
(regulatory framework, market design, procurement, use cases etc.) and to provide guidance for a
roadmap to deploy BESS in the country.

The ultimate goal of this report is to contribute to the national efforts towards a clean and sustainable
energy transition and towards an optimal use of energy sources in the electricity system.

Scope of work and methodology

The consulting firm/consultant will be responsible for the development of a Report that includes
at least the analysis of the key points described below. The consulting firm/consultant will also
develop a PowerPoint Presentation and support the dissemination of the project’s evidence and
results. The consulting company/consultant will share the data set and working sheet created for the
implementation of the analysis.

– The Tunisian power system, COVID-19 pandemic and the current energy crisis: overview of
the electricity sector in Tunisia, the impact of the energy crisis on the global and local
economy and on renewable energy development, the impact of the covid 19 pandemic on
the global and in Tunisia, the measures taken by STEG to face the consequent technical,
economic, and social challenges, the medium to long-term impact, and the measures to take
to achieve the TSP targets while maintaining the grid flexibility and resilience.

– BESS use and application: the worldwide trajectory for BESS use by 2050, the available
storage systems and their role in flexibility and optimisation of grid operations and costs, the
price forecast, and the interesting and coming-up trends in promoting the use of BESS.
– Identification: guidance of the market potential in Tunisia, determining the instruments and
enabling factors needed to unlock the potential of the Battery Energy System Storage
application in the short, medium, and long-term. The study should identify a methodology for
developing a regulatory framework for BESS deployment and integration in Tunisia,
including market design, use cases, procurement, investment, and a tentative location of the

The consulting firm/consultant is expected to propose a suitable methodology for carrying out the
work and fulfilling the objectives of the study. The methodology should try to adhere to the guidelines
below but the consultants are free and encouraged to be as creative as possible in arriving at a
suitable methodology that will ensure that the objectives of the study are fully met in a timely, efficient
and economic way.

The consultant(s)/firm’s proposed study methodology and approach should take into account the
following guidelines:

– Primary and secondary data collection and analysis
– Discussion with experts, government officials, or any relevant body including actors engaged
in similar scope in Morocco or other parts of the world.
The consultant is required to indicate in detail the approach and methodology to be used for the

Deliverables and expected outputs
The consultant(s)/consulting firm shall present a first draft of the report in the form of a word document by the end of December 2022. The report will be shared with local and regional stakeholders for peer
reviewing. The consultant(s)/firm is expected to integrate the comments, edits and reviews received
and submit a final version.

The consultant(s)/consulting firm will also submit a PowerPoint Presentation
elaborating on the scope, the methodology, the assessment, the findings, and policy
– 1 Final Report (that integrates the peer review)
– 1 PPT presentation
– Dataset and Working Sheet

Expected efforts from the consulting company/ consultant
– Periodic coordination meeting between RES4Africa and the selected consulting company/
– Meeting with relevant stakeholders, with the assistance and facilitation of RES4Africa

Project management

Management structure
The supervision of the analysis will be managed by the RES4Africa RES4Med Team, who will also
oversee the advancement of works. A bi-weekly coordination meeting will be held between
RES4Africa and the selected consulting firm/consultant.
Communication among the consulting firm/consultant and local stakeholders will be facilitated,
whenever possible, by RES4Africa.

Location and Timing

Remote: the analysis will be carried out based on desk research, interviews with relevant
stakeholders, meetings and knowledge sharing with local partners of both RES4Africa and the
consulting firm/consultant networks.

Start Date and Period of Implementation of the contract
The intended start date is the signature date of the contract. The period of implementation of the
contract will be 60 calendar days from the start date (including submitting the first draft, the final
report with inputs from peer reviewers, PPT presentation and dataset and working sheet).

Deadline for submitting the offers
The deadline is 9 November 2022 at 17.00 pm CET Time. Tenders must be sent to and cc and This email shall have as object: “R4A/2022/R4M/01_Name of the

In case of postponement or suspension of the tender, RES4Africa will inform the consultant
firm/consultant via email/website about the date/time of the rescheduled tender.
For any clarification, the consultant/firm is requested to send their questions by 28 October 2022 to

This consultancy is open to reputable consultancy companies and/or individual consultants having
proven experience in similar assignments.



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