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Harvard University Free Online Courses: APPLY NOW!

Harvard University offers free online courses on a wide range of topics. Take advantage of these opportunities today!

Harvard University has a long history of offering free online courses. The university now offers over 100 courses for free through edX, an organization that provides access to high quality education content. The Free Online Courses include Introduction to Computer Science, Introduction to Game Dvelopment and many more!

Introduction to Computer Science

In addition to the introductory computer science course offered by Harvard University, there are also more advanced free online courses available. These include: Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Programming Languages, Software Engineering, and Web Development.

Introduction to Game Development

If you’re interested in learning how to develop games using Unity 3D, then check out the following courses: Intro to Game Development with Unity 3D, Game Design Fundamentals, Game Engine Architecture, Game Programming Fundamentals, Game Programming with C#, Game Programming with Java, Game Programming with JavaScript, Game Programming with Python, Game Programming with Ruby, Game Programming with Swift, Game Programming with Unreal Engine 4, Game Programming with XNA, Game Programming with Visual Studio, Game Programming with Unity 5, Game Programming with Unity 2D, Game Programming with Unity 3D, Mobile Game Programming with Unity, Multiplayer Game Programming with Unity, and Unity Game Development Essentials.

Negotiating Salary

It’s not uncommon for employers to ask candidates what salary they expect to earn during an interview process. While it’s important for you to set expectations early on, it’s also important to understand that salary negotiations are often complex and difficult.

Free Business lessons from Harvard Business School Online

If you’re interested in learning more about how to negotiate effectively, take a look at some of the free business lessons available through Harvard Business School Online. These lessons cover everything from negotiating with customers to negotiating with suppliers.

Principles of Biochemistry

In addition to offering free online courses, Harvard also has a number of other educational programs available. You can learn about the history of biochemistry by taking a look at the History of Biochemistry course offered through HarvardX. This course covers the development of modern biochemistry as well as its applications.

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