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Free Online Renewable Energy Courses

Gain Expertise in Renewable Energy Through University of Colorado Boulder’s Free Online Renewable Energy Courses

Unlock the potential of renewable energy with University of Colorado Boulder’s top-of-the-line Online Renewable Energy courses that are available to anyone, anytime, anywhere—for free! Discover more now and get one step closer to expertise in energy management techniques.

Unlock the potential of renewable energy with the University of Colorado Boulder’s Free Online Renewable Energy courses. With topics ranging from the basics to advanced management techniques, anyone can gain a better understanding of the benefits of renewable energy and get one step closer to becoming an expert.

The Free Online Renewable Energy Courses at the University of Colorado Boulder include:

Renewable Energy Futures
Learn how renewable energy will impact the future with this free course offered through University of Colorado Boulder. Through lectures, demonstrations, and exercises students analyze current state-of-the-art renewable energy options. This course covers future technological innovations that could potentially shape the world’s future landscape in terms of sustainable energy production.

Renewable Energy Technology Fundamentals
Gain a fundamental knowledge of renewable energy technologies, including what is available on the market today, and future technologies that may soon become available. This course covers solar and wind power, geothermal energy, biomass-based fuels and systems, hydrogen-based energy systems, and energy storage options. With this course you will gain an understanding of how these choices influence economic outcomes, social behavior, public policy, legal constraints, and environmental impact.

Renewable Energy Technology Projects
During your course, you’ll also have the opportunity to work on renewable energy technology projects such as retrofitting existing systems with more efficient components, scaling up current systems, and developing new layouts for facilities utilizing multiple technologies. You’ll be able to design a wind turbine system from the ground up in low wind areas, or employ appropriate solar modules for home applications. As you learn strategies for conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, you’ll develop the skills to take charge of your own energy sources!

Renewable Power and Electricity Systems
In this course, you’ll develop a fundamental understanding of renewable power and electricity systems. You will be introduced to essential concepts related to energy production, sustainability, economics, and industry trends. You’ll also learn about solar technology equipment and the underlying principles behind it, including photovoltaics, implementation models, and renewables policies. By the end of the course, you will have gained the knowledge necessary to understand how renewable energy can be efficiently used in a variety of settings!

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