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Explore Hundreds of Exciting UN Volunteer Vacancies Around the World

Become a UN volunteer and live an incredible experience while making a difference in the world! Explore more than 100 exciting UN volunteer vacancies right now.

Looking to make a difference in the world with your skills and expertise? The United Nations has more than 100 incredible UN volunteer vacancies to explore. From helping boost education systems in developing countries, to alleviating poverty through health services, these UN Volunteer vacancies offer rewarding experiences that impact lives around the world.

Understand the Different Types of UN Volunteer Assignments.
UN Volunteer Assignments come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on your skills, expertise, and interests, you can choose from a range of assignments including short-term (6-12 weeks), mid-term (3-12 months), or long term (more than 12 months). Talk to the UNV Staff if you need more information about the differences in volunteering assignments.

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