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Get the Best of Both Worlds With These Free Sustainable Development Online Courses on UN SDG Learn

Take your skills and knowledge to a new level with UN’s free sustainable development online courses from SDG Learn platform! Get the best of both worlds by learning from experienced professionals in this field, so you can start making an impact on global issues today.

Learning about sustainability and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a vital step in building the skills needed to make an impact on global issues. Through free online courses offered by SDG Learn, students and professionals can learn from experts in the field and expand their knowledge base.

The free sustainable development online courses include but not limited to the following topics:

Energy Statistics
Energy is an essential resource for helping the world reach its sustainable development goals. With SDG Learn courses related to energy, you can gain an understanding of energy markets and renewable energy economics, and explore advanced analytics topics such as big data analysis, predictive modeling and machine learning. The free sustainable development online courses can help you hone your skills in statistical analysis, scouting new opportunities for investment and improving the efficiency of energy conversion processes.

Compiling Climate Change Indicators: An Accounting Approach
Increasing evidence suggests that climate change poses challenges not only to the planet’s environment, but also to society and to economies. This course provides an introduction to the economic accounting approach for compiling climate-related indicators, highlighting categories such as energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The goal is to equip you with the knowledge needed to measure and report on those elements relevant for policy making and taking into account their social, ecological and economic impacts.

The Age of Sustainable Development
In the current information age, sustainable development is emerging as a major factor in our global economy. The access to and development of resources such as energy systems, production processes, consumption patterns and lifestyles are all going through changes that will affect not only our planet but also ourselves. This course aims to explore the social and economic impacts of sustainable development on society and industry through discussions, debates and thoughtful reflections.



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