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Apply for the Funded traineeships for young graduates at the EU Delegation to The United Nations in New York!

Funded traineeships for young graduates at the EU Delegation to The United Nations in New York

The deadline for submitting applications is 30/11/2023 at noon (New York time).

Are you a young graduate interested in international relations? Are you curious to learn more about work of a diplomatic mission and how the EU Delegation represents EU interests and values at the United Nations in New York?

We offer:

Traineeships of up to 6 months within the following sections of the EU Delegation to The United Nations in New York, starting in February or March 2024, subject to budget availability:

  • Section 1 – Traineeship in the Political Affairs and Security Council:

Dealing with these subjects including the activities of the United Nations relating to international peace and security, including peacekeeping, peacebuilding, and non-proliferation/disarmament issues, in particular at the Security Council and General Assembly, and coordinates as appropriate the position of the EU and its Member States in these fora.

  • Section 2 – Coordination, Press and Information:

Which ensures policy coordination across thematic sections (including contacts with the UN Secretariat, EU Headquarters, briefings and reports, etc.), organises the EU Ambassadors meetings and diplomatic outreach with the wider UN membership, coordinates EU positions and negotiates processes at the General Assembly plenary (including Our Common Agenda and the Revitalization of the GA), and conducts all press, information and public diplomacy activities of the EU at the UN.

  • Section 3 – International Partnerships and Sustainable Development:

Which covers the main social, economic, financial, environment and climate related topics of the 2030 Agenda, and their geopolitical context, discussed within the UN General Assembly and specifically its 2nd Committee and the UN Economic and Social Council.

  • Section 4 – Human Rights and Social Affairs

Dealing with human rights and social affairs, through the work of the 3rd Committee, the Commission on the Status of Women, the Commission on Social Development and other UN processes and events covering a wide range of issues in the area of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

  • Section 5 – UN Horizontal Issues, UN Budgets, Management and Reform

The Fifth Committee (5C) is the main committee of the UN General Assembly responsible for the implementation of mandates and the proper functioning of the UN. This session will be dedicated to peacekeeping.

The EU Member States collectively are the largest financial contributor to the UN (±24%). The role of the EU in the 5C consists in coordinating the EU Member States to promote a common position in 5C negotiations and representing the 27 Member States in the 5C. 5C provides a unique platform for close contact with all UN officials, and the EU plays a major role in ensuring that all mandates gets the necessary funds to be fully implemented, and in supporting UN managers and other Member States in building a more effective Organization.

  • Section 6 – Legal and Institutional Affairs, Counter-terrorism and Sanctions:

The Legal Section follows developments on:

  • UN legal affairs, in particular the work of the UNGA 6th Committee, as well as Law of the Sea, international courts and tribunals;
  • Accountability issues (state responsibility for internationally wrongful acts, individual criminal responsibility, investigation mechanisms etc.);
  • UN sanctions, in particular the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and their implementation in the EU legal system;
  • UN counter-terrorism activities;
  • The Legal Section also provides legal advice to the Delegation on all EU and UN legal and institutional matters.
  • Section 7 – Humanitarian Affairs

The Humanitarian Section:

  • Represents the EU in international dialogues on humanitarian issues, including on the normative frameworks for humanitarian action (UNGA and ECOSOC);
  • Attends operational and donor briefings and reports on their contents, and expresses on these occasions EU priorities, concerns and views on the operational activities and policies of the humanitarian organisations;
  • Engages in humanitarian advocacy and diplomacy vis-a-vis UN bodies and UN Member States;
  • Maintains contacts with representatives of the EU’s key humanitarian partners at the UN Secretariat (OCHA), international organisations (ICRC, IFRC) and other relevant actors in New York;
  • Follows discussions on thematic issues and relevant country situations in the different UN bodies, including at the Security Council.

Main tasks for all Traineeships sections:

  • Supporting the work of the section, in particular by working on the coordination of the EU Member States’ positions for the negotiation of resolutions and the finalisation of EU statements;
  • Supporting the team in drafting reports, organizing meetings, preparing the local outreach in support of the EU positions;
  • Attending meetings organized at the United Nations, the EU Delegation, EU Member States, NGOs, etc.;
  • Attending external events;
  • Any other task, which may be beneficiary to the trainee with the aim to better understand the dynamics of the EU Delegation in the UN policy context, to raise awareness of the main policy and legal challenges in the UN context and to gain first-hand insight into decision making and negotiations processes.
We look for:

EU Delegation Traineeships Qualifications or special requirements:

  • Excellent drafting skills in English, knowledge of French will be an asset.
  • Knowledge of the workings of the European Union and of the United Nations would also be an advantage.

Visa requirements:

The application for an entrance visa or a work permit must be arranged by the trainee in accordance to the local legislation. The Delegation will provide a letter to request a G3 visa at the US consulate of his/her country of residence.  Visas must be valid for the entire duration of the traineeship.

How to apply?

Candidates must apply to the e-mail address and send the following documents:

  • A detailed standard Europass curriculum vitae (CV) (CVs in other format will not be considered)
  • a cover letter describing why you want to participate in a EU traineeship
  • and an application form

Please mention in the subject of your e-mail: Funded Traineeship – Name/Acronym of the Section (you may only apply to 1 traineeship per delegation, however based on your profile, the delegation could offer you a traineeship in another section).

Important information to read before applying

Before applying you are requested to examine the dedicated website as well as the general eligibility criteria for a paid traineeship (Article 8 of the Decision ADMIN(2017)28 – Paid traineeship).

Each selected trainee will receive a monthly grant to cover living expenses. As an indication, 2023 monthly grants are published here. These amounts may be revised for traineeships starting in 2024. All costs related to travels, visa, insurance, accommodation must be borne by the trainee.

Applications from non-eligible candidates will not be considered. After the evaluation of all applications, shortlisted candidates will be contacted and invited for an interview. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by email. In case the selected candidates are not able to present the required documents, their application will be rejected.

The traineeships can only be offered in compliance with the local legislation as well as the legislation of the country of origin.

Citizens from EU Member states:

  • must provide proof that they will be covered against the risk of a pandemic and the costs of repatriation;
  • must hold a relevant entrance visa and / or temporary residence permit where applicable,  based on the traineeship agreement, the duration of the traineeship, and in compliance with the local legislation.



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