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Call for Expressions of Interest to serve as a Member of the Council of Climate Leaders of the Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP) 2022

Apply now to be a member of the Council of Climate Leaders of the Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP)

Application Deadline: 23 August 2022


Launched in 2011, the Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP, former LEDS Global Partnership) is an accelerator of knowledge and climate solutions that lead the way to just, resilient, and inclusive net zero economies. It engages over 4,700 practitioners from across 120 countries through robust regional platforms in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean and enables collaboration for ambitious climate action, peer learning, technical cooperation, and innovation.

Thirteen regional and global communities of practice —focusing on energy, transport, agriculture, forestry and other land use, finance, transparency, and integrated climate and green recovery action —serve as the primary mechanism for cooperative action among members and partners, enabling learning across countries, and accelerating ambitious climate action to achieve long-term strategies and nationally determined contribution (NDC) goals.

The Partnership celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021 with highlights from members on how Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP) has enabled them to accelerate the implementation of ambitious climate and development actions in their cities, states, and countries through collaboration, peer learning and technical support. For the next decade to come, Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP) is committed to continuing to foster developing country leadership. The proposed GCAP Member of the Council of Climate Leaders of the Global Climate Action composed by a selected group of national government climate leaders, will play a leading role in driving the strategic direction of the GCAP providing recommendations on innovative solutions to the GCAP Chairs, Steering Committee members and other stakeholders on opportunities to advance the transition to resilient, equitable, and inclusive net zero economies globally. Member of the Council of Climate Leaders of the Global Climate Action will have the opportunity to engage with a broad set of climate practitioners from around the world and exchange ideas, establish partnerships, participate in programs and activities, showcase leadership, and learn from peers.

Global Climate Action Partnership Council of Climate Leaders – Expressions of Interest

The Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP) (former LEDS GP) Steering Committee invites expressions of interest from developing country national government representatives to serve on the GCAP Council of Climate Leaders. Global Climate Action Partnership is establishing this Council to advise the Steering Committee and other relevant stakeholders (global and regional secretariats and working groups) on ways to provide greater value to and engagement with developing countries and cross-country collaboration throughout the Partnership. Member of the Council of Climate Leaders of the Global Climate Action will play a key role in shaping the global future.

The Member of the Council of Climate Leaders of the Global Climate Action key objective is to strengthen local leadership and enable developing country-led action through an effective and equitable governance structure and portfolio of GCAP activities.

The Member of the Council of Climate Leaders of the Global Climate Action (Council) will advise the GCAP Steering Committee and other relevant stakeholders on:

• The design and implementation of Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP) activities to sharpen impact and unique value of the Partnership for developing countries.

• Initiatives and structures that promote cross-country and cross-regional collaboration to foster greater climate ambition and replication of good practices.

• Activities and modalities of cooperation and governance structures that promote local leadership on climate change.

• Activities and structures that promote climate justice and ensure diversity, inclusion, and equitable approaches in Global Climate Action Partnership’s work.

• Possible funding mechanisms and critical partnerships to implement the key recommendations provided by the Council.

Council members will play a critical role in accelerating the transition to resilient, inclusive, and just net zero economies globally by providing key recommendations to strengthen the GCAP’s 5-year Strategic Vision, Annual Work Programs, as well as the overarching structure of the Partnership

i. Composition:

Membership of the Council of Climate Leaders will consist of:

1. Two chairpersons – one will be a chair of the overall GCAP Steering Committee (already in place and operating) and one will be drawn from this new developing country Council of Climate Leaders

2. Not fewer than 6 and no more than 9 members representing developing country national or sub-national governments from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean (at least 2 members from each region).

Any other participants are considered observers and resources to support the council, including the regional and global secretariats. Members of the GCAP Steering Committee are eligible to apply for a seat on this Council.

ii. Frequency of Engagement

Council members will meet virtually every quarter for 1.5 hours (for a total of 4 meetings annually). The GCAP secretariat (currently the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL) will support the meetings of the Council. Ad hoc meetings might occur when key issues emerge that require immediate advice by the Council. When possible, one annual inpersonmeeting will substitute for one virtual meeting. Travel and subsistence will beprovided as needs emerge for this in-person meeting for the member of the Council of Climate Leaders of the Global Climate Action. The quorum for holding a meeting shall be 6 including the chairpersons.

iii. Serving Term

The chairpersons and the members of the Council shall hold office for a minimum period of 2 years but not exceeding 4 years. At the end of a 2-year term, the members of the Council will be asked to renew their service in the Council, provided that they have actively participated in at least 80% of the meetings and/or provided invaluable input through other means.

When a member of the Council has left or changed his/her position in the government, he/she should inform the Chair of the Council. Consideration will be given to those who change positions but remain as representatives from national or sub-national governments. Those who leave government positions, will be asked to resign from the Council but will be invited to remain as an active GCAP member. In this latter case, the Government entity may appoint a new representative with similar experience to join the Council for the remainder of the 2-year term.

A member of the Council may resign with written notice to the Chair of the Council. The GCAP Steering Committee may remove, at any time, chairpersons and/or members of the Council due to misconduct or behaviours that hinder the performance of the Council.

iv. Other Key Considerations

There is no remuneration for this role. When needed, travel and subsistence will be payable for in-person meetings in line with the U.S. Department of State per diem rates and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory policies, and as funding becomes available.

v. Selection Criteria

For the member of the Council of Climate Leaders of the Global Climate Action applications to be considered, suitable candidates must fulfil the following

Eligibility criteria:

a) Hold a current mid- to senior- level position at a developing country national or subnational government working on key climate change topics, as defined below.

b) At least 5 years of qualifications, expertise and experience in at least one of the following areas in policymaking, program design or delivery, or market transformation approaches:

a. Climate change mitigation or adaptation

b. Clean transportation policies, programs or technologies

c. Clean energy policies and technologies

d. Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use

e. Climate modelling and scenario analysis and economic impact analysis

f. Climate finance

g. Climate transparency and measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV)

h. Climate justice, diversity, inclusion

i. Other related areas of expertise

c) Experience engaging with international cooperation agencies and/or donor agencies

d) Proficient knowledge (written and oral) of English is required as this will be the working language of the Council. The evaluation process will also take into consideration the need to ensure gender balance, diversity across regions and geographies, and a variety of disciplinary expertise.

vi. Selection Process

a) Interested individuals shall submit their Curriculum Vitae and a short letter of interest (no longer than 2 pages) to by 17.00 (5pm) CET on August

b) A selection committee formed by at least 4 members of the GCAP Steering Committee will evaluate the expressions of interest received. The selection committee will recommend a minimum of 6 and maximum of 9 candidates to the GCAP full Steering Committee for consideration.

The selection committee will:

a. Review and assess written expressions of interest against the criteria set above

b. If needed, assess potential candidates further by requesting an online interview and/or requesting a reference letter

c. Make a recommendation to the GCAP Steering Committee for final consideration.

c) It is expected that the Council members will be announced by September 16th, 2022

and the first meeting of the Council held in November 2022.

We look forward to receiving your application. If you would like to nominate others, please send us their contact information, or direct them to this page




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