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About Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship Program

The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship Program invites recent college and graduate school alumni to apply for full-time, six-to-nine month fellowships in Washington, DC. Outstanding individuals will be selected to work with nonprofit, public-interest organizations addressing peace and security issues. Applications are especially encouraged from candidates with a strong interest in these issues who have prior experience with public-interest activism or advocacy.

Program and Purpose

Scoville Fellows will choose to work with one of the twenty-six organizations participating in the program. With the assistance of alumni, board, and staff, fellows will select a placement which best matches their interests and the needs of the host organization. Participating organizations provide office

space and support, supervision and guidance for fellows’ work. With the exception of Congressional lobbying, fellows may undertake a variety of activities, including research, writing, and organizing that support the goals of their host organization.

The purpose of the fellowship is to provide an opportunity for college graduates to gain practical knowledge and experience by contributing to the efforts of nonprofit, public-interest organizations working on peace and security issues.

Salary and Benefits

Fellows receive a salary of $3,500 per month and partial health insurance compensation, plus travel expenses to Washington, DC. The program also provides $1,000 per fellow for professional development to attend relevant conferences or meetings that could cover travel, accommodations, and registration fees,

or to take a language or policy course. The program arranges meetings for the fellows with policy experts and social networking events with alumni. Fellows also receive mentoring from a board member and a former fellow.

Some lenders may permit Scoville Fellows to defer college loan payments during their fellowship. Check with your individual lenders.

Issue Areas Covered by the Scoville Fellowship

Scoville Fellows create a project, in partnership with their host organizations, related to one of four broad areas:

• Nuclear Nonproliferation and WMD. This category includes but is not limited to: Nuclearnonproliferation and security; prevention of the spread of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons; defense spending and procurement; U.S. interactions with current, de facto, or potential nuclear powers; protection of nuclear and radiological materials.
• Climate and Security nexus. This category includes but is not limited to: environmental concerns with security implications; disaster response with military personnel; international tensions arising from changing arctic region; regional and ethnic tensions exacerbated by resource competition.
• Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution. This category includes but is not limited to: current and potential incursions within or between neighboring countries; conventional weapons and arms trade; cross-border refugee movements; ethnic tensions with security implications; atrocity prevention; building international and regional institutions to resolve conflicts; development and implementation of novel conflict resolutions strategies; counterterrorism and terrorism reduction strategies; supporting international agreements that can lead to peace, prosperity, and sustainability.
• Emerging Technology Threats. This category includes but is not limited to: questions related to the development, deployment, and use of drones, artificial intelligence, cyber warfare, satellites and space in a

security context.
• Global Health Security. This category includes biosecurity and pandemics.

Applicants whose area of interest falls outside of the above list are unlikely to be selected as a Scoville Fellow.

Selection Criteria

This is a highly competitive fellowship designed for people who have already demonstrated a strong interest in the field, and not intended for those who want to try a semester in Washington. Successful candidates must be good writers who are adept at working in a fast paced office environment. We are seeking people considering a career working on international peace and security issues with public-interest organizations, the Federal Government, academia, or media.

Candidates are required to have completed a baccalaureate degree by the time the fellowship commences. Preference is given to United States citizens, although a fellowship to a foreign national residing in the U.S. is awarded periodically. Non-U.S. citizens living outside the United States are not eligible to apply. The Scoville Fellowship is not intended for students or scholars interested in pursuing independent research in Washington, DC.

Preference will be given to individuals who have not had substantial prior public-interest or government experience in the Washington, DC area.

Application Materials

Below please find the required items listed on the online application form. The first four documents must be submitted on the online application form here: https://theherbertscovillejrpeacefellowship.submittable.com/submit. The applicant may also submit the reference letters and transcripts, or they may be submitted directly by the letter writers and registrar through the form by applicants who list the email of the letter writers and registrar. Reference letters and transcripts that are not submitted directly to the online application form may be emailed to apply@scovillewp.wpengine.com

Provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Semester for which you are applying
  • Name, address, email address, and telephone number for each of your two references (whether these letters are included with your materials or will be emailed separately).
  • List 5-6 of our participating organizations that you would like to work with if chosen as a Scoville Fellow. Please check this list of organizations to see which are eligible to host a fellow during the upcoming term.
  1. How you learned about the Scoville Fellowship. Please be specific about the publications, websites, professors, career advisor/career office, friend, web search, etc.
  2. A full curriculum vitae The c.v. should include complete educational and professional data, as well as information on the applicant’s extracurricular activities, and should be no more than two pages.
  3. A personal essay of no more than 750 words discussing the candidate’s qualifications, interests, fellowship objectives and career goals. The essay should clearly address the candidate’s experience and interest in and passion for the area of international peace and security, particularly in public education.
  4.  A policy/opinion essay of no more than 750 words answering the following question: What is the greatest emerging threat to international peace and security and why? Applicants should refer to one or more of the issue areas addressed by the fellowship and recommend solutions to the problem they cite. Essays must be titled. Candidates may submit a short bibliography that is not counted against the word limit.
  5. Official transcript(s) detailing the candidate’s entire college academic record including undergraduate, graduate and foreign study in a single PDF. Candidates whose current courses are not listed on their transcript are required to submit a list of these courses on a separate sheet of paper. Applicants who have attended more than one college or university must submit official transcripts from each school in chronological order (order of attendance). Transcripts should have the school seal and signature of the registrar but do not need to be mailed in a sealed envelope. Photocopies of official transcripts are acceptable; web-printed transcripts lacking the proper seal and signature are not.
  6. Two letters of reference. Each letter should address the accomplishments and standing of the candidate; the candidate’s interest and experience in international peace and security issues; the candidate’s ability to communicate, both orally and in writing; the candidate’s maturity and judgment, and the candidate’s potential to make a significant contribution to peace and security issues. Applicants must not submit more than two reference letters. Signatures are preferred but not required. Reference letters must be submitted as an attached Word or PDF document rather than in the body of the email. Reference letters will not be accepted from members of the Scoville Fellowship board, staff at a participating organization, or a current funder, to avoid the conflict of interest.

Submitting Applications

Please read the following instructions for submitting applications. Failure to comply with these requests may delay the processing of your application and hinder your chances of being selected for an interview.

Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship Program applicants are required to submit all documents through our online application form between September 18 and October 18, 2021 for the spring 2022 semester that will begin between January 15 and April 1, 2022. An automated email response will be sent when items are received. Applicants who do not receive the email response within 24 hours of emailing materials should re-submit their application. Upon submission of your completed application please wait for a confirmation email from Submittable. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24  hours of submitting your application, please contact us at info@scoville.org

In order to expedite the processing of the applications we request that applicants and others submitting materials on their behalf use the following titles when naming attachments:

Application ItemTitle of attached document
Curriculum VitaeLast name of applicant-CV
Personal EssayLast name of applicant-Personal essay
Policy EssayLast name of applicant- Policy essay
Official TranscriptsLast name of applicant- Transcript
Reference LettersLast name of applicant-Last name of letter writer

General Application:

  • Applicants are requested to number each page of a multi-page document.
  • Applicants should not submit blank pages or extraneous documents.
  • Board members reviewing applications will only read items submitted through the online application form. Any message regarding application materials may be sent in a separate email to apply@scovillewp.wpengine.com
  • There is no need to write Scoville Fellowship or the semester for which you are applying in the title of each document.
  • Applicants are responsible for submitting all required documents, including reference letters and transcripts, on time. Failure to send all items on time may adversely impact a candidate’s application.


  • Transcripts from undergraduate, graduate, and foreign study should be submitted in chronological order in a single attachment.
  • Official academic transcripts should be scanned and uploaded rather than sent in the mail. We understand that some universities prefer to send transcripts directly to a potential employer. In that case these items should be emailed to apply@scovillewp.wpengine.com. We will reluctantly accept transcripts in paper copies if they are not available as emails.
  • Do not upload or send email copies of transcripts that need to be downloaded or that require a password to open; these transcripts are only available to be downloaded for a limited time. Instead print, scan, and upload the transcript as an attachment.
  • Applicants may need to rotate their transcripts 90 degrees so they can be read on the computer.
  • Applicants are asked not to submit copies of certificates or diplomas.
  • Applicants are requested to submit high-resolution transcripts that are easy to read; those who submit difficult to read transcripts will be asked to resubmit a higher resolution version, which may delay processing of the application.
  • When submitting transcripts, candidates are asked not to include the guide to grades often found on the back of the transcript.

Reference Letters:

  • We understand that some reference letter writers and universities prefer to send letters directly to a potential employer. In that case these items may be uploaded directly to the applicant’s file on the Submittable form.


The deadline for receipt of all application materials is:

Fall 2022 Fellowship–January 21, 2022
Spring 2023 Fellowship–October 14, 2022

Selection Process

The fellowship’s board of directors selects the top applicants for Washington interviews. The fellowship pays for travel and accommodations for the finalists during the interview weekend. Interviews take place approximately 12-15 weeks after the application deadline. All unsuccessful applicants will be notified at that time.

Starting Dates for Fellowship

Spring Fellowship–begin between January 15 and April 1
Fall Fellowship–begin between July 15 and October 1

As of September 2022, some Scoville Fellows are working remotely and will continue to do so until the need for social distancing ends and our participating organizations return to working in their offices. However, we require that all new Scoville Fellows move to Washington, DC by the start of their fellowship to be ready to work at their office when it is safe to do so. The program covers the cost of new fellows moving to DC to begin their fellowship.

Link to Online Application

Applicants will need to create a Submittable account before beginning the Scoville Fellowship application.

All of the above information can also be found on the online portal.

If you experience trouble with your form please contact the Submittable support team or email us at info@scovillewp.wpengine.com.

Click the button below to submit your application. You may begin the application form and return to complete it later. Your application will not be submitted until all required documents have been uploaded.

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