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Fellowships, what you need to know about them!!!

A fellowship is a monetary prize awarded to a graduate student or scholar to pay for their academic pursuits. In other words, fellowships are merit-based scholarships for advanced study of an academic subject. Fellowships are awarded to college degree holders pursuing further education like a graduate program or graduate degree holders receiving specialized training in a particular academic discipline.

Fellowships provide financial aid which enable the scholar to pursue research work in a certain field and are commonly offered by government agencies, foundations and institutions. Fellowship conditions and benefits differ depending on the discipline; however, the simplest explanation is financial aid given to subsidize educational costs. There are some fellowships that do not have specific job requirements while others operate the same as internships for graduate students and offer opportunities to strengthen their resume.

A fellowship generally can last for a year or several years while some can be renewed after the fellowship year is over if the scholar meets certain eligibility requirements like maintaining a strong GPA.

Amongst all the numerous graduate and postgraduate fellowships available; there are three main types.

  1. Graduate fellowships: Graduate fellowships subsidize and cater for expenses related to graduate school like tuition, fees for academic conferences, health insurance and monthly stipend to cover accommodation costs.
  2. Medical fellowships: These fellowships are awarded to physicians who have completed medical school and wish further their medical training to become master practitioners within a niche area of medicine.
  3. Postdoctoral fellowships: These fellowships are offered to scholars who have recently completed doctorates, but who want to do an in-depth analysis on a narrow academic discipline to become experts on a technical but extremely significant subject. They can also subsidize the cost of an ambitious academic project.

Whether you are looking to gain more graduate or postgraduate credentials or experience in a particular discipline, I hope this article will help you make a better choice.


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