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Apply for the USIP's Peace Scholar Fellowship Program 2023-2024 in USA



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United States Institute of Peace USIP

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Application Deadline: 25 October 2022

Overview of USIP’s Peace Scholar Fellowship Program

USIP’s Peace Scholar Fellowship program awards non-residential fellowships to PhD candidates enrolled in U.S. universities who are writing doctoral dissertations on topics broadly related to conflict management, peacebuilding and relevant security studies. Since 1988, the program has supported the dissertations of 371 young scholars, many of whom have gone on to distinguished careers in research, higher education, and policy making.

The 2023-24 USIP’s Peace Scholar Fellowship competition opened on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

This program partners with the Minerva Research Initiative to support additional fellowships relating to topics on peace and security studies. Currently, the program awards up to 18 scholarships per year, and awards support both research and writing stages of work on dissertations.

Applications from members of groups traditionally under-represented in the field of international relations, peace and conflict studies, security studies, and other related academic disciplines, as well as diplomacy and international policymaking, are strongly encouraged.

2023-2024 Request for Applications for the USIP’s Peace Scholar Fellowship

USIP seeks applications from Ph.D. candidates with high-quality, policy relevant research that will deepen understanding about conflict management, peacebuilding and other applicable security-related studies. USIP strongly prefers applications closely related to the USIP Issue Areas and/or research priorities of the Minerva Research Initiative. 

Special consideration will be given to proposed research in the following areas*

  • Strategic rivalry
  • Violence and extremism in fragile states
  • Global shocks
  • American peacebuilding

*See the USIP FY’23 Congressional Budget Justification for more information about the Institute’s key priorities and initiatives.

Registration and Application Process of the USIP’s Peace Scholar Fellowship

Applying for the USIP’s Peace Scholar Fellowship competition is a two-step process.

REGISTRATION: All applicants must register for this competition even if you have registered previously for another USIP competition. Register for an account here.

APPLICATION: After completing the registration, applicants must prepare and submit a complete application. Further instructions on completing the application are included in USIP’s online application system FLUXX. USIP does not provide status updates on submitted applications at any time.

Important Dates

  • Registration opened: Thursday, September 1, 2022
  • Registration closes:Thursday, October 6, 2022 at 4:00PM EDT
  • Application deadline:Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 4:00PM EDT
  • Letters of reference due: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 4:00PM EDT

Application Requirements

Applications will be selected based on the strength of the proposed research and its potential to make original contributions to the field by addressing one of the key initiatives or research priorities listed in the links above.

Applications that are not relevant to the priorities or issue areas of USIP or the Minerva Research Initiative will not be considered for the competition.

USIP’s Peace Scholar Fellowship Details

USIP’s Peace Scholar Fellowship funds up to 18 Peace Scholars for a 10-month, non-residential fellowship. Peace Scholars receive stipends of up to $20,000 for the academic year, paid directly to the individual in three tranches. Peace Scholar awards may not be deferred.

Peace Scholars are required to participate in an annual workshop. When their dissertation is completed and approved by their committee, the Peace Scholar is required to submit a copy to USIP at PeaceScholarFellows@usip.org.

For more information, see the Peace Scholar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Please direct questions about usage of USIP’s online application system to PeaceScholarFellows@usip.org.

Online Application

All application materials must be submitted online. The application for the 2023-24 USIP’s Peace Scholar Fellowship can be accessed via the FLUXX online portal

The application includes the following sections:

  • A confirmation of your eligibility, must be a Ph.D. candidate
  • Your personal and contact information
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Bibliography
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Optional links to publications

Questions for the 2023-24 USIP’s Peace Scholar Fellowship application

Applicants are required to complete the four sections below.

Contribution. What is innovative about the research? What unique contribution will the project make towards advancing the fields of conflict management, peacebuilding and related security studies? How does your research enhance USIP’s and/or Minerva’s understandings of the social, cultural, behavioral and/or political forces that shape the issues and dynamics of conflict? (400 words)

Relevance. State how your dissertation intersects with the USIP mission, and/or the Minerva Research Initiative mission. Describe the relevance of your project to the theory, policy or practice of the fields of conflict management, peacebuilding and related security studies. Applications that are not relevant to the priorities or issue areas of USIP or the Minerva Research Initiative will not be considered for the competition. (400 words)

Research Integrity. Explain how you will analyze the research evidence to test your hypotheses or answer your projects’ defining questions. Describe your methodologies. Describe how your research findings will be generalizable across time, geopolitical regions, and/or other socio-cultural domains. Will your findings have predictive value? What is the broader significance of your project and what will be the likely lessons learned? (500 words)

Work Plan. Provide a timetable indicating the schedule of completion for your dissertation. Indicate which portions of your work (research, data collection, analysis, writing, etc.) are already finished, and which tasks remain to be completed. Please be as realistic as possible, considering the work that can be completed during the course of the fellowship. The Institute expects scholars to complete work described in the timetable or as agreed in subsequent consultation with the program staff. (500 words)

Additionally, applicants must complete the following sections.

Personal Statement. Why are you applying to the USIP-Minerva Peace Scholar Fellowship? Tell us who you are and why you are a great candidate for this fellowship. What do you expect to accomplish after this fellowship? (300 words)

Project Summary. Clearly and concisely state your dissertation’s hypothesis. Explain its potential contribution to the field of conflict management, peacebuilding and related security studies. Include the specific focus of countries or regions. The summary is a critical part of the application as it is the first item that most reviewers will read to determine the substance and relevance of the project. Avoid jargon. (400 words)

COVID-19 Research Plan. Explain how you intend to carry out your research during the COVID pandemic. (200 words)



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