The CanGap Impact Fellowship (Get $1000 and all mentorship you need). Apply Now!

CanGap Impact Fellowship

The CanGap Impact Fellowship

About the CanGap Impact Fellowship

The CanGap Impact Fellowship is a FREE 3-month program providing gap year and post-secondary students, and recent grads, the opportunity to gain hands-on, real world experience in leadership and impact


You chose a gap year so you could DO cool stuff and build your resume or portfolio, but how the heck do you do that with no $$$ to get started?

Or maybe you’ve just finished your bachelor’s degree and have no idea what the heck you are supposed to do next with no real-world experience on your resume.

The CanGap Impact Fellowship is a 3-month project management program helping young Canadians (ages 17 – 25) get experience in turning ideas into real (and meaningful!) projects.

So, what kind of projects can you build during your fellowship?

  • Host a fundraiser for a local women’s shelter or organization you support
  • Direct an art show that shares powerful pieces by youth in your community
  • Host a cultural dinner and evening for your neighbors and friends (celebrate black excellence, Indigenous culture, and more!)
  • Lead awareness campaigns on the dangers of fast fashion or mass tourism
  • Organize a community-wide clean-up

As long as your project highlights a community service element, social or environmental justice topic, the sky’s the limit!

Program Overview and Expectations of CanGap Impact Fellowship

Month One
January 2024

Kick-off your project with a 4-day bootcamp (January 9 – 12 from 10AM to 12PM EST) where we’ll dive into your interests, your project goals, and everything you need to know to lead a kick-butt, meaningful project.

Month Two
February 2024

Every Wednesday, we’ll meet for skill building workshops that level-up your abilities, your confidence, and move you closer to your project goals. You’ll also meet weekly 1:1 with your Coach to keep you on track with your project.

Month Three
March 2024

By the end of month three, you will have implemented your project and be responsible for evaluating and reporting on the success of it. Don’t worry if not everything goes the way you imagined – that’s where the greatest learning comes in!

Who will LOVE this CanGap Impact Fellowship

  • You want to gain some cool experience doing something meaningful in your community
  • You want to connect with other like-minded young people
  • You want to learn from cool leaders and mentors with awesome experience 
  • You want to build your resume with real project management experience
  • You want to become more active in your community

How to apply for CanGap Impact Fellowship
visit the official link

Join our WhatsApp group

Join our Telegram group.

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