2024 Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program (CHF 150’000 funding).Apply Now!

2024 Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship

Deadline for submission: January 21, 2024.

The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program is a globally competitive fellowship program for early and mid-career researchers whose work is dedicated to improving the learning and development of children and youth worldwide. The relevant disciplines include, but are not limited to, education sciences, psychology, economics, sociology, behavioral science, computer science, pedagogy, linguistics, neurosciences, and science of learning.

Particularly encouraged to apply are scholars who seek to combine multiple levels of analysis and engage in interdisciplinary work. A special focus lies on work to understand and embrace variability in learning; promote the generation, transfer, and practical application of evidence on human learning and development or increase the capacity to scale up effective education policies and practices.

The Jacobs Foundation is especially interested in the following questions:

  • How do variations in individuals and contextual factors influence learning, development and learning outcomes?
  • How can we design for learner variability at scale to enable all children to reach their potential as learners and in life?
  • How can we produce interventions that reduce growing inequalities in children’s learning and overcome disparities in the impacts of digital technologies?
  • How can we address the role of data to help learners and teachers make informed decisions about their learning and teaching?
  • What school-level learning approaches, environments, and experiences are effective in improving learning outcomes in heterogeneous student groups?

Fellowships are awarded to highly talented and innovative early and mid-career researchers who have received their PhD within the past 10 years. Funding from Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowships is awarded directly to the fellow’s institution and may be used by the fellow over a three-year period to cover a portion of the fellow’s salary and for any purpose in support of the fellow’s research, such as assistants’ salaries, equipment, technical assistance, professional travel, or trainee support.

The ideal fellow does not only have a great research idea but also a significant potential as a researcher to contribute as part of interdisciplinary teams within and beyond the network of the Jacobs Foundation. In addition to providing fellows with independent and competitive funding, the program offers a wide range of non-financial benefits.

Target GroupHighly talented early career researchers.
The ideal candidate has received his/her PhD or equivalent degree within the past 10 years.
Funding amountCHF 150’000
Funding period3 years
Number of fellowships per yearUp to 12
Use of funds to cover the  fellow’s salary Up to 50% of the grant amount
Funding of overhead /  indirect costsUp to 10% of the total amount of funding (i.e. CHF 15’000) in addition to the basic grant 
Additional fundingFellows may apply for additional funding at the end of the fellowship to conduct further projects with a focus on evidence to action and scientific capacity building.
Non-financial benefitsIn addition to providing fellows with independent and competitive funding, the program offers a wide range of non-financial benefits.


The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship provides independent and competitive funding. In addition, the fellowship offers a range of non-financial benefits. Fellows are expected to make use of these opportunities for networking and development and to engage with the Jacobs Foundation as detailed below.

What the Jacobs Foundation offersWhat the Jacobs Foundation expects
Networking and alumni events and opportunity for exchange with other Jacobs Foundation Research Fellows and alumniParticipation in and contribution to events organized by the Jacobs Foundation, e.g., attendance of annual meeting of the Research Fellowship ProgramInteraction and collaboration with other Fellows
Media channels to disseminate your work to the broader scientific and public audienceContribution to communication activities of the Jacobs Foundation, e.g., BOLD articlesHelp spread articles on BOLD, e.g., through own social media channels
Opportunities for personal and scientific development through integration into the Jacobs Foundation’s network (e.g., exchange on online platform, attendance of conferences, Fellowship meetings)Updates on personal and scientific development, e.g., on publications, grants, new positions, media coverage, exchange with policy and decision makers once a year in an annual progress report
A meaningful partnership including ample space for innovative ideas and activities within and beyond the research sectorActive partnership with the Jacobs Foundation by providing ideas, and activities, e.g., organizing symposia at international conferences or workshops with other Research Fellows and alumniInterest in the Jacobs Foundation’s national and international programs and, where feasible, active involvment
Recognition as part of the Jacobs Foundation’s networkAcknowledgment of support through Jacobs Foundation (e.g., in publications, presentations)

ELIGIBILITY FOR 2024 Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship

The ideal candidate

  • has obtained his/her PhD or equivalent degree within the past 10 years;
  • is employed at an institution of higher education or research institute;
  • is conducting high-quality research in an area of interest to the Jacobs Foundation;
  • is committed to engaging with the Jacobs Foundation and the Fellowship Network and contributing to the Foundation’s activities.

SELECTION CRITERIA FOR 2024 Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship

The following selection criteria are weighted equally:

  • Past research accomplishments and publication record
  • Creativity and potential for serving as a leader in the scientific community
  • Scientific quality of methods and data
  • International relevance of the fellow’s planned work
  • Potential for promoting human development and learning
  • Alignment of planned projects with the goals of the Jacobs Foundation
  • Willingness to support the Foundation’s aims and to engage with us



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