Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx) Visiting Fellowship Programme 2022 ( Fully-funded at Oxford University): APPLY NOW!

Apply for the AfOx Visiting Fellowship Programme 2022 (fully funded at Oxford University)


Oxford, UK

Host Organization

Oxford University

Target audience

African Researchers

Application Deadline: 21 October 2022

AfOx Visiting Fellowship Programme

The AfOx Visiting Fellowship Programme is designed to provide exceptional African researchers an opportunity to build international networks and focus on a project of their choice, away from teaching and administrative duties at their home institutions. The AfOx Fellowship provides fellows with an opportunity to work on a project of their choice in collaboration with Oxford-based scholars, while benefit from the resources available at Oxford University for research, writing, and strengthening research leadership skills.

The Fellowship is open to researchers across all academic fields. Fellows will be affiliated with the University of Oxford for 12 months,  including 10 months of virtual engagement and a 2 month in-person visit to Oxford during Trinity Term. To apply for a fellowship  all applicants must have an Oxford based researcher named as their collaborator on their application.

AfOx Fellows will be asked to select which of the AfOx research themes, Healthy People, Innovation for Prosperity, Integrated Societies and Green Futures, their project most closely aligns with

AfOx Fellowship Guide for Fellows

Over the last five years, the Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx) has, with the support of researchers, departments and colleges, run an extremely successful Visiting Fellowship Programme for leading African academics. This has enabled 57 fellows and 6 senior fellows to pursue their research while engaging with researchers, students, institutes and departments in Oxford.

AfOx fellows have developed long-term partnerships with colleagues in Oxford, which have led to significant research outcomes, including joint publications, new research projects, breakthroughs in engagement with African policy-makers and substantial research funding. Through the programme, African scholars have made significant contributions to the intellectual and social life of Oxford while simultaneously gaining opportunities for accessing the range of resources, knowledge and expertise in the University.

Making an Application

We encourage researchers in African institutions to explore the opportunity to develop new collaborative relationships with colleagues in Oxford. Applications are open across all research fields, and applicants are expected to submit a proposal of no more than 1000 words and a CV through our application portal. The Oxford host will be required to send a statement of support indicating their willingness to be the academic contact during the fellowship. Please note that applications sent without the consent and support letter from the proposed Oxford host will be immediately disqualified.

AfOx Fellows will be expected to select which of the four AfOx research themes their project is most closely aligned with. AfOx’s research themes are;

  • Healthy People.
  • Innovation for Prosperity.
  • Integrated Societies.
  • Green Futures.

If developing new relationships with colleagues in Oxford, we suggest you contact them well ahead of the application deadline;

  • Introducing yourself and the AfOx fellowship you are applying for.
  • Include a paragraph outlining your proposed project
  • Explain how this intersects with your proposed collaborator’s research interests.

To apply for a fellowship all applicants must have an Oxford-based researcher named as their collaborator on their application. This may be a researcher with whom the applicant already has established links or, alternatively, someone with whom they are interested in establishing a collaborative relationship. You can search the AfOx database and respective Oxford Departments for potential collaborators and contact them before making the application.

Please agree with your Oxford host on the proposed project before making the application. The Oxford collaborators is expected to host the fellows in their respective department including providing support during the fellowship to engage with researchers, networks and departments in Oxford and beyond.

Researchers are often extremely busy managing competing priorities. So, if someone is unable to collaborate with you or you do not receive a reply after sending 2 emails, we suggest you explore other potential collaborators. If you are not able to identify a collaborator and wish to discuss this, please contact us at afox@ndm.ox.ac.uk

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Benefits of the AfOx Fellowship

The AfOx Visiting Fellows Program enhances academic mobility and network building. The program supports African scholars and researchers working in any discipline to spend 2 months in Oxford. The Fellowship programme includes a 2-month in-person visit to Oxford in May and June 2023, as well as 10 months of virtual engagement before and after the visit to Oxford.

Applications will be reviewed primarily on the quality and value-added of the proposed research agenda, the alignment with AfOx themes and priorities, the fit between the applicant and the Oxford host, and the feasibility of the proposed activities in the timescale of the fellowship.

AfOx provides fellows with a single-occupancy study bedroom, a return economy flight, a maintenance allowance for living expenses (up to £250 per week during the residence period) and a temporary University card.

For planning purposes, please note that we cannot increase the stipend beyond this amount. Upon completing the selection process, we will follow up separately with fellows with accessibility and/or other important requirements.

AfOx will organise detailed orientation sessions both at the beginning of the virtual element of the fellowship and upon arrival in Oxford. AfOx will provide support throughout the fellowship, including facilitating access to online training and resources. 


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