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Application Deadline: 6 January 2023

What is the Student Energy Fellowship?

The Student Energy Fellowship Program is designed for young people interested in and passionate about the energy transition who can commit to developing a project idea with a team or individually over 8 months. As a multidisciplinary program, the Student Energy Fellowship aims to help participants find their unique path towards accelerating the energy transition through the many possible career paths available today. We hope that Fellows will continue to use their skills, networks, and experiences from the program to continue accelerating the energy transition beyond the Fellowship.

A high-level overview of energy systems and project development skills, the Student Energy Fellowship is for young people who are looking to take the next step on their energy transition journey. Whether this is your first foray into the energy world or you have already started working in the field, we encourage all experience levels to apply! The program curriculum teaches the foundations of project development, providing skills that apply to any level. 

How to apply?

When you apply to the Student Energy Fellowship program, you can apply as either an individual or as a team. Teams are composed of 2-5 people, aged 18-30, that intend to develop a project together and complete all the requirements of the Fellowship. Whether you have a concrete project idea or simply an issue you’re passionate about, the Fellowship coaches will help you and your team to develop a project plan and narrow down your ideas.

If you don’t have an idea for a project yet, the first step is identifying a problem. Think of a topic/issue you are interested in and how you would go about solving this problem. The solutions you come up with will form the basis of the project that you will develop  with the support of your coach over the course of the program. For this application, we ask that you describe in detail that area of interest and what you plan to accomplish. Once accepted into the program, we have tools available that will help you develop a project based on the idea you and your team wants to pursue.

Graduation Criteria:

To be eligible for graduation, every Fellow must commit to the following:

  1. Attending 1 half-hour meeting every month for 8 months
  2. Completing 2 online learning units every month and 1 assignment every 2 months for 8 months, a total of 16 online units and 4 assignments
  3. Being actively engaged in project development & work for the 8 months of the program

Team Project Requirements: 

We require every Fellow to work on a project throughout the 8 months of the program. This does NOT mean that you must complete your project during this time, just that you must work on developing a tangible idea. It is possible that you may change your project idea throughout the program – that is ok. Fellows will work with their coaches to identify a problem, research potential solutions, and come up with a project plan.

The goal of the Student Energy Fellowship program is to help Fellows develop problem identification skills and understand the different stages of the project life cycle. Every member of your team must complete the requirements of the Fellowship program in order to graduate. You will each receive individual certificates at the end of the program. For reference, see examples of projects from the 2022 Fellows Cohort

Team Requirements: 

Teams can be groups of 2-5 people. We want to make sure that everyone in the group has a chance to contribute to the team project. 5 is the maximum number of team members able to participate in the Fellowship while working on the project. Each team member must fill out their own applications. Please coordinate with your team before you apply!

You may apply to the Student Energy Fellowship as an individual. You will meet individually with your coach every month for the duration of the program and complete all assignments individually. 

Timeline For Your Project:

From March 2023 to October 2023 you will develop a project idea with help from your coach who will provide you with support during the planning process of your project. Your project does NOT need to be completed by the end of the Student Energy Fellowship program, it may continue or be implemented beyond October 2023. Your success in the program is not dependent on the completion of a project prior to October 2023. 

Expected Time Commitment:

We expect you to dedicate a minimum of 80 hours of work between your team over the course of the Student Energy Fellowship. This is broken down into approximately 10 hours every month for 8 months. This time commitment encompasses your project development work as well as meetings with your coach and completing the learning units. 

If you have a project already deployed and in a maintenance/growth phase, you may continue to work on this as your Fellowship project. There is space in the application below to describe your current project in more detail.

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