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Call for Consultancy Services – Individual Consultant at Africa CDC: APPLY NOW!

Call for Consultancy Services – Individual Consultant at the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC)

Title: Call for Consultancy Services for the development of Continental Community Health Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC).


The deadline of submitting the Call for Consultancy Services application is on 27th October 2023. While we review all applications on a rolling basis, please note that we will prioritize applications received within the first two weeks of the posting.

This Individual Consultant role is posted by the Financing Alliance for Health on behalf of African CDC. African CDC is the hiring organization for this role. African CDC is a collaborative partner with Financing Alliance for Health, Last Mile Health, Community Health Impact Coalition.

Financing Alliance for Health (FAH), partners with the government on all steps of financing to strengthen, and sustain community health systems, leveraging primary health care to attain universal health coverage. (FAH partners long-term with Ministries of Health and Ministries of Finance teams to develop different and changing financing sources). FAH draws on private sector knowledge of financial structuring and access to private sector and development finance opportunities to increase and diversify funding options for governments to scale and sustain community health systems.

Objective (s) for the Call for Consultancy Services:

Ensure a cohesive approach to scaling up integrated community health service delivery, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes for communities across the continent thorough developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to standardize norms and principles of Community Health in Africa such as; integrated community health service delivery, resource allocation, training, collecting and utilizing data, and coordination.

Specific Objectives for the Call for Consultancy Services.

  1. Situational Analysis: Conduct a comprehensive situational analysis of community health-related guiding documents at global, regional, and national levels.
    • A desk review of existing documents outlining the framework for Community Health Workers (CHWs), policies, reports, international recommendations, as well as relevant national laws and regulations pertaining to community health systems.
  2. SOPs Framework: Define the scope of SOP’s, through compiling a list of documents to be developed, propose a governance model for SOP development and implementation, establish a development methodology, and formulate a draft framework for the SOP development process.
  3. Gaps among MS: Using different approaches, assess the gaps and urgent needs of African MS in scaling up Community Health Systems, in order to generate recommendations on SOPs relating to the community health systems and to identify needed focus areas.
  4. Engage key stakeholders; implementing partners, researchers, and academia to provide in-depth analysis of the drafted SOPs and ensure synergy with ongoing work by these organizations, while creating opportunities for dissemination of SOPs

Expected Deliverables by the Individual Consultant:

1 Inception report/methodology and submission of a draft framework20%
2CH desk review report and Member States and, stakeholder’s consultations report,20%
3Editing and long list SOP documents including Model of CHWs integrated delivery approach.20%
4Development of draft SOPs, validation roadmap and report20%
5Submission of final SOPs20%

Additionally, one of the essential deliverables will be the creation of a validation roadmap, designed for implementation by Africa CDC, to authenticate the SOPs with Member States. This roadmap will provide a systematic and organized approach to ensure that the developed SOPs/guidelines align with the objectives and requirements of the Member States.

Reporting, Management, Support, and Data Ownership

The individual consultant will provide biweekly brief reports, sharing them with the Community Health System Unit and the Africa CDC Head of Division that houses the Community Health System. All outputs, including raw data, draft documents, analyses, and final documents, will be the property of Africa CDC.

Required Qualification and Experience for Individual Consultant role

  • Master’s degree in public health (MPH), Community Development, Epidemiology, Health System Management, or a related field. PHD qualification is an added advantage.
  • At least 10 years of experience in community health systems or community development, focusing on normative documents and SOPs for community health (please share work samples if you have any). Preference will be given to candidates with:
  • Technical skills and experience in supporting public health programs, particularly community health, epidemiology, surveillance, health information systems, and workforce capacity development.
  • Experience in Community Health Program Implementation and strong academic background.
  • Proficiency in data collection, analysis, and use of data for recommendations, suitable for scientific and lay audiences.
  • Proficiency in technical and scientific writing, alongside narrative and technical reporting.
  • Knowledge of public health programs, health sciences research, health systems strengthening, and experience with government ministries and external donors.
  • Familiarity with administrative and management practices in public health and public sector programs, especially emergency responses contexts.
  • Experience with international organizations and National Public Health Institutes operations.
  • Proficiency in oral communication and presentation, translating technical information for various audiences.
  • Experience in stakeholder engagement and collaboration with Member State entities and partners.
  • Language: Fluency in written and spoken English is essential, and proficiency in French is advantageous.

Evaluation and Qualification Criteria

  • General Education, Qualification, and Relevant Training – 20 Points.
  • Experience, Technical Expertise – 80 Points

Duration of Consultancy

The Consultancy’s duration is Five (5) months following the contract signing. Successful completion and submission of the Final Draft of CDC’s Community Health continental SOPs and related reports will signify the accomplishment of the consultancy.

Consultancy Fee

The lump-sum payment for the consultancy will be USD 30,000. This amount covers the Consultant’s fees. Payments will be linked to specific deliverables as indicated above. If any travel is involved, the African Union will cover travel-related expenses.

Duty Station

The Individual consultant can conduct the tasks in the consultancy virtually. He/she will need to avail himself/herself for a number of virtual engagements with the technical team and be flexible in terms of meeting different Community Health Stakeholders. He/She will however have to travel to some selected Countries for in country consultation in the course of this consultancy.


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