Exciting CyberGirls Fellowship program 2024. Apply Now!

Exciting Cyber girls Fellowship program

Exciting CyberGirls Fellowship program 2024. Apply Now!

Deadline: Monday, 11th December 2023, 12 pm (WAT)

The CyberGirls Fellowship application process is deliberately tailored to consider each applicant as a unique and whole person. This enables us to carefully seek out individuals who are passionate and dedicated to breaking barriers and equipping themselves with the required skills to begin their careers in cybersecurity, improve their local communities, and seize work opportunities in Africa and across the world

About CyberGirls Fellowship

CyberGirls Fellowship is a free 1-year fellowship program that equips girls and women aged 18-28  years old with globally sought-after cybersecurity skills, positioning them to start a career in cybersecurity and helping them to seize decent work opportunities within Africa and across the world. 

The CyberGirls fellowship is designed to improve the socio-economic well-being of girls in Africa through training, mentorship and placement. During the one-year duration of this fellowship, you will be given hands-on cybersecurity training, become certification-ready, and possibly get paid internship/job shadowing opportunities.

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The Cybersecurity Journey

The learning journey begins with cybersecurity fundamentals and moves on to more specialised niche cybersecurity learning paths which fellows will decide on midway through the fellowship.

  • Cloud Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • DevSecOps
  • Digital Forensics and Threat Intelligence
  • Governance Risk and Compliance
  • Incident Analysis/Response (SOC Analyst Level 1)
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Ready to move from a cybersecurity novice to a global professional

CyberGirls Fellowship welcomes applicants from all over Africa. Do you desire to benefit from the CyberGirls experience? Kickstart your journey by checking if you meet the eligibility criteria.

You can be a part of the CyberGirls Fellowship program 2024 if you;

  • are a Female aged 18 – 28 years old as of the commencement of the fellowship (25th March 2024)
  • are a citizen and resident of an African country and passionate about (starting a career in) cybersecurity
  • are proficient in English and have completed High school/Secondary school
  • can withstand the pressures of an intensive hands-on technical training
  • have access to the internet and are willing to devote fully to 8 months of intensive training
  • do not have a job in cybersecurity or possess a major cybersecurity certification that can land you one
  • are not participating in any similarly timed tech fellowship or boot camp.

Please note: Individuals living with disabilities that do not impede their ability to use a computer are welcome to apply.

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Deadline: 11th December 2023
Feedback: 14th December 2023

Stage 1

Complete the Application Form

Deadline: 8th January 2024
Feedback: 12th January 2024

Stage 2

Cybersecurity Essentials Course

Deadline: 12th January 2024
Feedback: 12th February 2024

Stage 3

Complete Identification Verification

Feedback: 4th March 2024

Stage 4

Personal Statement and Application Video Review

Application Process

Stage 1: Complete the application form

Start: Monday, 20th November 2023, 12 pm (WAT)

Intending applicants are given a 3-week window to complete and submit the application form. In this section, you’ll share detailed information about yourself, including contact information, educational and employment information, a 3000-character limit personal statement, and a 2-minute application video. Ensure to provide correct and verifiable information as failure to do so results in automatic disqualification from the process and loss of spot in the fellowship.

When you are satisfied with your application, click the ‘Submit’ button. Please note that once you have done this, you cannot modify your application, or any uploads made with it so ensure to review it carefully. We anticipate a high volume of applications, so please give yourself enough time to submit the strongest application possible. Remember, you can only submit one application and we will only accept your first application.

After submitting your application, you will see a pop-up acknowledging receipt and an email confirmation. Afterward, your application progress will also be communicated via email, refer to the application timeline or confirmation email for feedback dates.

Please note: If there are any adjustments to the feedback date, applicants will be notified via email and through our social media channels. Contact the admissions office via email if you still haven’t received an email two days after the communicated date.

Health and Disability

You are asked to provide us with information about your health if it may affect your studies. Having a health condition or living with a disability will not hinder your acceptance into the fellowship provided the condition will not restrict your full participation in fellowship activities. We are not asking whether you are ‘healthy’ as many health conditions can be managed appropriately.

Language Proficiency

The CyberGirls Fellowship application process and training will be conducted in English Language. Hence all Applicants are advised to learn to communicate effectively in English. Any application not submitted in English is ineligible.

Personal Statement

When reading your statement, our Admissions team wants to see your interest, commitment, and passion for Cybersecurity. You are expected to use not more than 3000 characters (approximately 500 words) to pass on the message and ensure each word counts. Plagiarism is a serious offense; plagiarized responses will be deemed ineligible.

  • The personal statement should be written in English language within the application form. We advise that you pause completing the application, write it out on a notepad, and paste it when completed.
  • Do not use bullet points or numbering, put your response in paragraphs. You can dedicate a paragraph to answer each question.
  • It is important to highlight key educational and vocational achievements, your course of study and University (indicate if completed or currently ongoing), your job role and industry (if you are currently employed), and the nature of your business if you are self-employed.

Follow our guide below to ensure you address all necessary details in your statement.

  • Tell us about yourself, your work/educational background, and your key achievements.
  • Tell us about your educational background.
  • Tell us about any cybersecurity-related courses, training, or boot camps you have taken (indicate the name of the program, if it is currently ongoing, and the expected date of completion).
  • Tell us about any cybersecurity-related association or network you belong to and how they have impacted you.
  • Have you volunteered in any organization or occupied any leadership role before? If yes, what was the role and what did it entail?
  • Why you should be chosen for this opportunity?
Application Video

The application video should be in English language, no longer than 2 minutes (can be a little less but not more), and should contain nothing except the applicant talking. You are expected to be properly dressed, clearly visible, and seated in a well-lit quiet environment.  Ensure you are audible, and your environment is free from visual distractions.

  • Do not recite a written script: Use bullet points instead. Using bullet points, just talk spontaneously as you would to a friend. Reading a written script doesn’t help your application, convey communication skills, or display passion.
  • When uploading your video file, ensure that it is properly named with your first name, last name, and document title e.g., Jane Doe – Application Video
  • The accepted file format is .MP4, if your video file is in another format, feel free to use an open-source (free) video converter like FreeConvertVeed.io or cloudconvert 
  • If dealing with a file that exceeds the 10 MB file size restriction, feel free to use an open-source (free) video compressor like FreeConvertVeed.io, or Clideo

In the video, please respond to the following;

  • Tell us about yourself, your work/educational background, and your key achievements.
  • Why are you interested in cybersecurity and what aspect of cybersecurity interests you?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years (Career goals)?
  • Why did you choose to enroll in this program?
  • If selected, how does this program fit into your 5-year career goal?
  • Peradventure you do not scale through this application stage, would you still pursue a career in cybersecurity and why?
  • Why are you the right candidate for this opportunity?



Stage 2: Complete the Cybersecurity Essentials Course

Stage 3: Complete the Identity Verification and Recommendation Form

Stage 4: Personal Statement and Application Video Review

Claim your spot in the fellowship!

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