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Global Entrepreneurship world cup (over $1million prizes + amazing opportunities). Apply Now!

Entrepreneurship world cup

About: Entrepreneurship world cup

Deadline: May 31 2024

Is your company solving some of the world’s biggest challenges? Entrepreneurship world cup EWC wants to hear from you. Applications are now open.

Since 2019, The Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) has become one of the biggest and most diverse startup pitch competitions and support programs of its kind, featuring more than 370,000 entrepreneurs from over 200 countries and territories while offering winners life-changing prizes.

EWC has awarded $4 million in cash prizes and $150 million in in-kind prizes and provided opportunities for entrepreneurs to reach the next stage in their company’s journey.

Entrepreneurship world cup (EWC) is more than just a competition, though. Hundreds of coaching and training hours have been delivered, along with high-value entrepreneurship programs tailored to all three participating stages in the World Cup. The network you build throughout this journey offer invaluable guidance and support to catapult your company toward its growth objectives. Our alumni, whether they are cash-prize winners or members of our select cohorts, have gone on to continue doing amazing things to make the world a better place with innovative solutions to their community’s most pressing needs.

All entrepreneurs are welcome. Wherever you are in the world, no matter your industry, and whatever your company stage. We welcome you to EWC 2024 and look forward to another great year of competition and global connectivity.

Eligibility Criteria for Entrepreneurship world cup

  • There is no entry fee.
  • Any startup from around the world is welcome to apply and become an Applicant.
  • Applicant startups must be legally registered or planning to register in their country of residence.
  • Applicant startups must be ten years or less old by the date of the Global Finals. Entity age is set by the date of company registration and not idea conception.
  • EWC Global Winners who won cash prizes during previous editions of the EWC Global Finals (2019-2023) are eligible to participate again in 2024 with certain candidacy considerations for future would-be prizes:
    • EWC Applicants can only be eligible for different prize categories than the prize they earned during previous participation in the competition.
      • Only EWC Grand Prize winners (first place overall) are ineligible to participate as applicant candidates for EWC 2024.
      • Any past second through fifth place winners and/or category winners are eligible and encouraged to apply, but cannot compete for the same placement.
        • To encourage fairness in competition, there is no fast-track for past winners to compete in the Global Finals, and all applicants will pass through the same judging process.
          • For example: Entrant A wins Idea Stage prize in 2021. If Applicant A reapplies, they will only be considered for EWC category prizes and/or non-Idea Stage “ranked prizes
          • For example: Entrant B wins a specific category prize in 2023. If Applicant B reapplies, they will only be considered for any category prize except the prize they previously win and/or all ranked prizes.
          • For example: Entrant C won second place in 2020. If Applicant B reapplies, they will only be considered for EWC category prizes and/or any ranked prize except second place.
  • Employees of the organizers, its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotional agencies, suppliers and immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the competition.
  • By submitting an application to participate in the Entrepreneurship World Cup, you are agreeing to and accepting the Terms of Use set out below under Terms and Conditions.

Prizes and Awards for EWC 2024

  • Travel to the Entrepreneurship world cup (EWC) Global Finals: EWC 100 finalists will receive a full travel scholarship for one (1) designated traveler to participate in the EWC Global Finals.
    • The designated traveler must be the Founder, Co-Founder or CEO. In special cases, with the approval of the Organizer, the CFO, COO, CTO would be eligible to participate at the Global Finals in their place contingent on criteria including but not limited to: health, English language proficiency, or travel documents.
      • Once a designated traveler has completed the travel document issuance process, no changes can be made. EWC Global cannot make adjustments to its final roster of travelers within a three-week period prior to the Global Finals.
      • If a designated traveler cannot travel, the company will forfeit its spot in the Global finals.
    • The scholarship includes: a round-trip flight ticket, visa, hotel accommodation, and local transportation.
    • Additional co-Founders and/or any other Team Members are welcome to join the EWC Global Finals
      • Any other team members wishing to accompany a designated traveler will assume responsibility for travel, lodging, and venue access expenses as well as any expense for relevant travel documents (including but not limited to- visas, etc.).
  • Entrepreneurship world cup (EWC) Awards and Cash Prizes: The EWC 100 will be eligible to receive their share of US $1 million in non-dilutive cash prizes.



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