Apply now to become Plant-for-the-Planet Global Board member for 2023/2024.

Plant-for-the-Planet Global Board member

Apply now to become Plant-for-the-Planet Global Board member for 2023/2024.

Deadline: 15th December 2023

Plant-for-the-Planet Global Board Application.

Our Global Board is one essential part of Plant-for-the-Planet’s democratic structure, and it is elected once a year. The board comprises experienced Climate Justice Ambassadors from all regions of the world. They represent the views of our Ambassadors in certain organization-wide decisions and work hand in hand to grow our worldwide community by launching new initiatives and developing projects that can have a global impact. Furthermore, they represent Plant-for-the-Planet through speeches, and in the media.

If you are an experienced Climate Justice Ambassador and 24 years or younger, you can apply for the Global Board 2023/2024 until December 15th via the following form:

We are pleased to know that you are interested in becoming a Plant-for-the-Planet Global Board member for 2023/2024.

However, note that the Global Board is open to individuals who are 24 years or younger.

Please fill the following application form and provide necessary information. They are required to evaluate your eligibility, goals and strategies. 

The evaluating members will provide you with feedback on your application as soon as possible after your submission. 

We kindly ask for your patience while waiting for a response


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