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Explore 13 New UNFCCC Vacancies: APPLY NOW!


Bonn, Germany

Host organization

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat

Target audience

Germany citizens and International Applicants

Application Deadline: varying

Explore 13 New UNFCCC Vacancies- A World of Possibilities

Attention job seekers: Have you explored the new UNFCCC vacancies? Check out these 13 amazing opportunities and make your next career move!

Looking for a job with a purpose? The UNFCCC has 13 new vacancies that could be your perfect next career step. From accounting and project managers to support officers and officers, there are lots of exciting opportunities — explore them now!

The new UNFCCC Vacancies include the following roles:

Programme Officer
The Programme Officer will work within the UNFCCC Secretariat’s Global Support and Technical Assistance Programmes. This position is responsible for providing technical and policy advisory support to countries in their efforts to implement climate change activities, such as technology transfer and capacity-building projects. The successful candidate will ensure the highest quality of programme management, provide advice to partners on programme implementation, act as a representative for the UNFCCC and raise awareness of the organisation’s approaches to global climate change issues.

Programme Assistant
The Programme Assistant will be responsible for carrying out day-to-day technical and administrative activities in response to the needs of the UNFCCC’s Global Support and Technical Assistance Programmes. This role will involve a variety of tasks, including conducting research on current trends, managing programmes and contributing to relevant publications. The successful candidate will provide support for programme delivery, act as an advocate for the UNFCCC’s climate change related initiatives and ensure coordination in terms of project implementation.

The New UNFCCC Vacancies are listed below:

Job TitleLevel  Programme  Application periodAnnouncement NO
Professional and higher categories
Associate Programme Officer »P-2P-2 (2 posts), Assessment & Accreditation Unit, Mitigation Division26 Jan – 23 FebVA 23/003/M
Associate Programme Officer »P-2Article 6 Capacity-Building Unit, Mitigation Division26 Jan – 23 FebVA 23/006/M
Programme Officer »P-3Article 6 Capacity-Building Unit, Mitigation Division26 Jan – 23 FebVA 23/007/M
Associate Programme Officer »P-2Coordination Unit, Mitigation Division23 Jan – 20 FebVA 23/002/M
Team Lead »P-4Info Hub, Data, Systems and Tools Subdivision, Transparency Division13 Jan – 10 FebVA 23/001/T
Director »D-1Conference Affairs Division12 Dec 2022 – 31 JanVA 22/078/CA
General services
Programme Assistant »G-5G-5 (3 posts), Constituted Bodies and Data Services Subdivision, Mitigation Division26 Jan – 23 FebVA 23/004/M
Programme Assistant »G-6Coordination Unit, Mitigation Division26 Jan – 23 FebVA 23/005/M
Senior Staff Assistant »G-6Office of the Senior Director, Operations Coordination Department23 Dec 2022 – 31 JanVA 22/089/OC

Short-term employment

Job TitleLevel  Programme  Application periodAnnouncement NO
Programme Officer »P-3Climate Finance Subdivision, Means of Implementation Division23 Jan – 06 Feb23/TJO4/MoI
Associate Programme Officer »P-2Implementation Coordination Subdivision, Mitigation Division19 Jan – 02 Feb23/TJO1/M
Programme Officer »P-3Implementation Coordination Subdivision, Mitigation Division19 Jan – 02 Feb23/TJO2/M
Associate Programme Officer »P-2Climate Finance Subdivision, Means of Implementation (MoI) Division19 Jan – 02 Feb23/TJO3/MoI


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