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Greenpeace is recruiting for Digital Transformation Project Manager: APPLY NOW!

Digital Transformation Project Manager Job description

CLOSING DATE: 6th August 2023, 11:59 CET

Location: The successful candidate may be based in a country where one of the independent National/Regional Greenpeace organisations (NRO’s) is located. See the locations here.

Greenpeace International (GPI) is looking for a Digital Transformation Project manager to join and support the Digital Transformation Support Center, on its ambitious journey.

The Digital Transformation Support Centre (DXSC), is a dedicated team set up in May 2022, to support the Greenpeace Global Network of National and Regional Offices (NROs) to undertake digital maturity assessments. The purpose of which is to design contextual Digital Transformation strategies that will guide the use of technology, data and ways of working changes to achieve transformational impact over the next three years across the Global Network.

Reporting to the Head of Digital Transformation, the Digital Transformation Project Manager will help the running of the DXSC and any tasks that may be related to this, from coordination, ways of working, asana management, budgeting, hiring, communication and organisation, as well as supporting the Global Leadership Team (GLT) on Technology, and the global Communities of Practice. The team will succeed by providing organisational, communications, administrative and tooling support to the Greenpeace Global Network in an agile way.

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In this Digital Transformation Project Manager role you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Take charge of overall agile project management, creating detailed plans, timelines, and agile ways of working. Create detailed road maps for the next quarter, with planning of weekly sprints and related team workload and project planning management.
  • Collaborate with the Head of Digital Transformation (DX) and the members of the DX team to plan, coordinate, and implement projects and strategies that support team well-being while delivering high Digital Transformation impact.
  • Identify, design, and manage the execution of projects and pilots to improve information management and collaboration systems.
  • Monitor progress, track risks, and manage stakeholder needs while maintain alignment and adhering to project management standards
  • Oversee the DX Fund process, facilitating funding applications and communication with funding applicants. Manage DX Fund expenditure and documentation.
  • Support the development of a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning System (MEL) to track progress of Digital Transformation initiatives.
  • Ensure implementation of Greenpeace’s Technology Vision outputs and report on outcomes.
  • Contribute to embedding collective understanding of Technology Vision mindsets, project methodologies and standards.
  • Author internal communications content and occasionally create visually appealing materials.
  • Liaise with other global initiatives and stakeholders to maximise efficiency and alignment.
  • Manage stakeholder relationships and support coordination with other Greenpeace International units and NationalRegional Offices.

For further information about the Digital Transformation Project Manager role, please see the full job description by clicking HERE.

Digital Transformation Project Manager Job requirements

What we’re looking for:

Remember no one has every skill or experience needed for this role and you’ll have the opportunity to learn a lot from the team. We believe someone who has a few of these is well suited to exceed in this role:

  • Proven experience in project management, preferably with agile methodologies.
  • Strong organisation skills with knowledge of information management and collaboration systems (asana project management preferred).
  • Excellent facilitation skills, both in person and in virtual meetings.
  • Ability to engage with a wide range of diverse stakeholders and foster positive relationships.
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to translate technical language to non-experts in a clear and engaging manner.
  • Familiarity with MEL processes is a plus.
  • Experience with Agile / Scrum.
  • Demonstrable support for and belief in the Greenpeace network core aims and values.

What you can expect as a Digital Transformation Project Manager :

You will get to work with a highly motivated team that forms the Digital Transformation Support Centre (DXSC) that was newly set up in 2022. The team is very collaborative, experimenting with new ways of working, and always prioritising fostering a positive team culture. You will get to work with all team members and across the different work areas, and, depending on interest and performance, you will also get the chance to take responsibility and lead on certain work packages.

You’ll be encouraged to develop both personally and professionally, taking advantage of the wide range of learning and development opportunities available to our staff. Staff can also access our wellness initiatives, such as yoga and meditation and also have the opportunity to join our global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion staff communities.

Please click HERE to visit the careers site, to learn more about working for Greenpeace.

Our goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity. That means we want to:

  • protect biodiversity in all its forms
  • prevent pollution and abuse of the earth’s ocean, land, air and fresh water
  • end all nuclear threats
  • promote peace, global disarmament and non-violence

How to Apply for Digital Transformation Project Manager role

To apply for this Digital Transformation Project Manager role, we require you to answer a selection of key criteria and upload your CV (in English) via our online application form.

Addressing the key criteria is an important part of your application. We will be looking for evidence that demonstrates your skills and experience in these areas. Use examples where possible, to draw attention to experience, knowledge, achievements and skills gained in past employment or voluntary/leisure activities, provided they are relevant to the post.

It’s advisable to prepare your responses to the key criteria before starting your online application, as you are unable to save and return to it at a later date.

If you have any questions about this Digital Transformation Project Manager vacancy or the application process, please email us at Please note that all applications for the Digital Transformation Project Manager role have to be filled out via the website and can’t be submitted via this email.

CLOSING DATE: 6th August 2023, 11:59 CET



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