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Environmental Youth Activism Training Program: apply now!

Environmental Youth Activism Training Program 

InfoNile, in partnership with IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, with funding from JRS Biodiversity Foundation and IHE Delft’s Water and Development Partnership Programme, calls for applications from water and biodiversity activists in the Nile Basin countries of (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo) for an Environmental Youth activism training program. 

The Environmental Youth Activism Training program seeks  to enhance  science communication among water and biodiversity activists  through equipping them with skills to effectively communicate and amplify  stories around water, biodiversity, environmental conservation and climate issues to the general audience.

The training  will also enhance  the capacity of water/environment activists to work together with journalists, scientists, and other communities’ stakeholders, to find solutions for environmental challenges in the Nile Basin countries.

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About the Environmental Youth Activism Training Program

The training webinar series will introduce the concept of science communication, its importance, and different methods of communicating scientific information.

After the training, activists will be required to pitch their campaign plan on how they intend to collaborate with an InfoNile journalist to amplify their stories.

Outstanding campaigns will be supported with small grants and mentorship to produce activism around the journalists’ stories through communication campaigns and/or community exhibitions.

Environmental Youth Activism Training Program Eligibility

The Environment Activist training is open to all environmental activists in the Nile Basin countries, especially with a focus on water resources and/or biodiversity. 

Applicants must have access to the Internet or own a smartphone, be proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English (if PWD a with disabilities that affect your full participation, be accompanied), be living in the Nile Basin countries during the weeks of training and campaigns and be able to fully participate in all scheduled sessions and activities. 

Environmental Youth Activism Training Program Application selection criteria.  

Applicants will be evaluated and selected against the following criteria

Demonstrated a record of community mobilisation and collaboration to mitigate water/environment-related issues. 

Commitment and preparedness to build a good relationship with community authorities, and collaborate with stakeholders including journalists, researchers, and policymakers. 

Demonstrate a motivated positive attitude to network and work on cross-border water and environmental challenges. 

Display interest and curiosity to learn and share knowledge in a diverse setting.

Demonstrate commitment to collaborate with journalists to work and conduct water/environmental activism, either within your local community, or on a cross-border water/environment challenge within the Nile Basin countries.      

Please submit your application by filling this form.

Deadline to apply: 20th August 2023



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