UNITE 2030 Youth Delegate Program (YDP) 2023/2024. Apply Now!

UNITE 2030 Youth Delegate Program (YDP) 2023/2024. Apply Now!

The Youth Delegate Program (YDP) is UNITE 2030’s Flagship Peer-to-Peer Leadership Development Program uniting young Changemakers who are aiming to have a better understanding of themselves, and how to create an impact in their communities. It is an intensive 3-month program that supports young people to improve their changemaking skills (both hard and soft), and invites them to work around our common mission of achieving the SDGs by 2030.

All Delegates must meet our basic eligibility requirements in order to apply for the program.

  • Between 18 – 25 years old on the start date of the Cohort;
  • Proven dedication and commitment to our core organizational values;
  • Demonstrated proof of community building, learn from peers, become more self-aware and be action oriented;
  • Time commitment [able to commit between 4 -6 hours per week on the Youth Delegate Program
  • Proficiency in English
  • Reliable access to a computer / internet.

Eligibility Requirements

About the Youth Delegate Program

  • 12 Weeks of Youth Delegate Program Leadership Development Cohort 9 of the Youth Delegate Program kicks off on October 23rd 2023 and lasts till January 29th 2024. During the YDP, Delegates follow a 12-week non-academic programing designed to build delegates’ capacity to create change, influence others, and take action.
  • Engaging Workshops & Peer-to-Peer LearningEach Monday during the Program, Delegates gather from 10 am – 12 pm EST for an engaging workshop that aligns with the Leadership topic for the week. At each Coordination Call, we welcome a facilitator to guide an interactive session to help Delegates gain new skills and knowledge and identify different ways they can be applied. Delegates also share their perspectives and engage each other in conversations, sharing successes and failures while inspiring each other to take action for the SDGs.
  • Inspiring ActionDuring the program, Delegates get to lead or join Activation Groups. Activation Groups are thematic groups of like-minded Changemakers that meet to discuss or co-create solutions together. Any Delegate can start an Activation Group during the Cohort, and are autonomous and self-run by Delegates.
  • CommunityAll Delegates join our Changemaker community, and have access to our community network, exclusive Delegate/Alumni events, as well as events and resources that are open to the entire community. Delegates can also propose and facilitate their own events to take place on our global platform.

Thematic Weeks

Phase 1

(Weeks 1 – 4)

Self Awareness & Changemaker Leadership

Orientation Week;

Who Are You? Purpose & Identity in Changemaker Leadership;

Your Personal Mission/Vision/Values;

Servant Leadership as a Pathway to a Sustainable Future;

Phase 2

(Weeks 5 – 7)

Influence, & Collaboration

A Changemaker’s Guide to Storytelling;

Breaking Down Barriers: Understanding Cultural Contexts;

Finding Your Tribe and Building Collaborative Partnerships.

Phase 3

(Weeks 8 – 10)

Taking Action & Problem Solving

Turning Opportunity into Action (Identifying problems & facing my fears):

Solving Complex Global Challenges with Human-Centered Design (Empathy in Action)

Hackathon + Building Prototypes

Week 12: Graduation Week & Projects Showcase



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