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Minority Rights Group International Urgent Hardship Grants for MENA Region 2023 (up to Euros 3000 funding). Apply Now!

Minority Rights Group International Urgent Hardship Grants for MENA Region 2023 (up to Euros 3000 funding). Apply Now!

About Urgent Hardship Grants

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انقر هنا لقراءة هذه الدعوة لتقديم الطلبات باللغة الإنجليزية

Minority Rights Group is accepting applications for Urgent Hardship Grants from human rights organizations in Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco, and Tunis. These grants aim to support human rights organizations representing minorities and marginalized groups to overcome urgent threats or security risks that they may face as a result of their human rights work in a shrinking civic space.  

How to apply: Organizations wishing to apply for these grants should submit an application form in Arabic, English or French to the following email: 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  


For your application to be considered, the applicant must: 

Non-governmental or civil society organizations based in Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia that represent or work closely with minority communities and other marginalized groups (see below) who have faced a recent threat or elevated risk and require urgent support. The hardship fund is intended for the benefit of civil society organizations. This can also include the individuals working in civil society organizations, impacted as a result of their human rights work, and in order to ensure sustainability for the organizations.  

  • Be a human rights or minority rights organization. 
  • Be a non-for-profit civil society organization (official registration is not necessary).   
  • Be based in one of the project countries: Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia. 
  • Must have recently experienced an elevated security threat or an imminent security risk as a result of their human rights work.  
  • Be an organization that has a track record of working with disadvantaged ethnic, religious, or cultural minorities or marginalized groups such as migrants, refugees, LGBTI, or persons with disabilities, and rooted in these marginalized communities. 
  • Must have basic skills in project management, risk management and financial management. 
  • Be an organization that has no public debt, complies with anti-corruption measures, and proves absence of conflict of interest. 
  • Have the ability to receive funding, either through their own organization or an agreed upon alternative arrangement which aligns with approved protocol. 

Budget available and timeframe for Urgent Hardship Grants

The amount available for each project is between 1,000 – 3000 Euros and the duration of the action may last up to a maximum of six months. 

It may cover expenses including travel, accommodation, physical and digital security, legal fees, medical care, relocation, and supporting minority rights defenders arbitrarily detained and/or their families.  

Selection Criteria of Urgent Hardship Grants

  • The urgency of the threat or risk that needs to be prevented or mitigated. 
  • The applicant should be able to show how the funds will contribute to the organization’s enhanced security and protection of its operations (and hence its sustainability).  
  • The funds must be used to alleviate the recent threat or risk and not to fund the regular activities of the organization. 
  • The applicant must show that the organization will be able to continue work after the intervention is over. 
  • The request must not have been fully supported by another donor or national or international organization. 

Submission Process   

Please submit the completed applications in Arabic, English or French.  Please send the applications to All applications, whether successful or not, will receive a reply.  

Please provide in the application form a secure means of communication including but not limited to, encrypted message apps (WhatsApp/signal) or encrypted emails (Tutanota/ Proton-mail) to facilitate communication. 

Treatment of Information 

The data will be treated confidentially in line with GDPR policies. Only MRG and its implementing partners will have access to the information provided in order to facilitate the selection process. These include The Civic Forum Institute in Palestine and Attalaki in Tunisia. For any questions on the application process, please write to

Download the application form here

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