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X5 Industrial Development Officer Vacancies for International Professionals at UNIDO: APPLY NOW!

Title:  Industrial Development Officer

Grade: P3 
Country: Austria 
Duty Station: Vienna 
Category: Professional and Higher 
Type of Job Posting: Internal and External
Employment Type: Staff-Full-time
Appointment Type: Fixed Term – 100 series
Minimum Annual Salary: 94,386 USD 
Application Deadline: 24-Oct-2023, 11:59 PM (CEST)  

Main Responsibilities

As a team-leader or member, whether on a divisional, cross-functional or cross sectoral level, the Industrial Development Officer shall carry out the following generic activities to achieve the results of the Unit and the outcomes of Division:

Programme Development:  Develop, formulate and fundraise for technical cooperation projects/programmes in the area of sustainable supply chains and responsible business development in line with the guidelines and procedures governing the delivery of UNIDO services, and obtains internal approval.

Programme Implementation:  Manage implementation of projects and/or project components, assuming responsibility for the provision of projects/programme implementation services ensuring that projects in the field of sustainable supply chains and responsible business development are delivered on time at the right level of quality and within the allocated budget. This will entail the preparation of the necessary inputs (consultant job descriptions, terms of reference, training arrangements, equipment specifications, etc.), monitoring progress in implementation, including missions to the project site, as well as taking part in oversight meetings in the field and at headquarters, and assisting the Evaluation Group in its evaluations of projects/programmes.

Funds Mobilization: Cooperate with other units in-house in mobilizing the funds necessary for project and programme implementation especially in the field of sustainable supply chains and responsible business development.

Global Forum Function: Design, plan and organise in cooperation with other units in–house UNIDO’s global forum activities (conferences, seminars, expert group meetings, etc.) and in their running. Prepare technical papers or other inputs for external seminars, conferences, expert group meetings, etc. Prepare UNIDO publications and other information dissemination aids and tools especially in the field of sustainable supply chains and responsible business development. Keep abreast of technical and economic developments in the areas of the Division’s mandate through close contacts with specialized institutions and industry representatives, following the technical press, market developments and trends.

Advisory Services to Counterparts: As a subject matter expert, provide technical advisory services to counterparts the field of sustainable supply chains and responsible business development. This includes among other: commenting on, appraising or revising draft project proposals submitted by requesting governments; advising governments on financing institutions, multilateral and bilateral organisations and other strategic partners; and provision of technical advice to strategic partners/donors.

Perform other related duties and assignments as required by the Unit Team Lead or Chief of the Division.

Core Values and Competencies

Core Values

WE LIVE AND ACT WITH INTEGRITY: work honestly, openly and impartially.

WE SHOW PROFESSIONALISM: work hard and competently in a committed and responsible manner.

WE RESPECT DIVERSITY: work together effectively, respectfully and inclusively, regardless of our differences in culture and perspective.

Key Competencies

WE FOCUS ON PEOPLE: cooperate to fully reach our potential –and this is true for our colleagues as well as our clients. Emotional intelligence and receptiveness are vital parts of our UNIDO identity.

WE FOCUS ON RESULTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: focus on planning, organizing and managing our work effectively and efficiently. We are responsible and accountable for achieving our results and meeting our performance standards. This accountability does not end with our colleagues and supervisors, but we also owe it to those, we serve and who have trusted us to contribute to a better, safer and healthier world.

WE COMMUNICATE AND EARN TRUST: communicate effectively with one another and build an environment of trust where we can all excel in our work.

WE THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX AND INNOVATE: To stay relevant, we continuously improve, support innovation, share our knowledge and skills, and learn from one another.

Minimum Organizational Requirements


Advanced university degree (master’s or equivalent) in economics, international finance, business administration, engineering or other field relevant to UNIDO’s mandate, is required.


  • A minimum of five (5) years of relevant professional experience, including at the international level, involving technical cooperation in developing countries, is required.
  • Experience in all phases of the Project Cycle, is required.
  • Experience in the field of sustainable supply chains, investment promotion and responsible business development gained through studies or through work at the public or private sector is desirable
  • Experience in evaluating the needs, conditions and problems in developing countries, is desirable.

Language Skills:

Fluency in written and spoken English is required. Working knowledge of French is desirable

NOTE: UNIDO professional level applicants are required to have served at least one year in their current position, if applying for a higher-level position. However, the seniority-in-grade requirements for applying for higher level positions, as per paragraphs 18 and 78 of the HRMF, have been waived.

UNIDO General Service applicants are required to be at least at the GS-5 level; to have served in their current position for at least two years; and to have served in UNIDO for at least five years.

For further information on salaries, refer to the International Civil Service Commission website:

Employees of UNIDO are expected at all times to uphold the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and respect for diversity, both at work and outside. Only persons who fully and unconditionally commit to these values should consider applying for jobs at UNIDO.

All applications must be submitted online through the Online Recruitment System. Correspondence will be undertaken only with candidates who are being considered at an advanced phase of the selection process. Selected candidate(s) may be required to disclose to the Director General the nature and scope of financial and other personal interests and assets in respect of themselves, their spouses and dependents, under the procedures established by the Director General.

Visit the UNIDO careers site for details on how to apply: 

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