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Kickstart your international career through the Young Expert Programmes.

Kickstart your international career through the Young Expert Programmes.

Kickstart your international career through the Young Expert Programmes.

Below you will find vacancies for new YEP positions, for which you can apply until 17 December. These positions are only open for Dutch Young Experts, national Young Experts are selected through the selection process of the specific companies. Kickstart your international career through the Young Expert Programmes.

Please read the following information carefully before submitting your application!

Please note that if you apply, you are required to attend the training weeks should you be selected for a YEP position. Therefore, remember to only apply if you are able to attend the training weeks. You might be selected for the training weeks in batch #32 from 29th of April to 17th of May 2024. A full overview of the application periods and training dates can be found here.

Application and selection process of the Young Expert Programmes

The project position includes a link to the application form, where you can upload your CV (max. 2 pages) and a motivation letter (1 page). It is important that your motivation letter (English) at least consists of:

  1. Your motivation for this position.
  2. Your motivation for joining YEP & the added value of this programme for you.

Selection process

After the initial selection based on your CV and motivation letter, you might be invited for a YEP interview. After the interview you might be presented to organisations for a specific project, be added to the YEP pool of potential Young Experts, or not be admitted to YEP Programmes. If you are presented to an organisation, and they choose another Young Expert, you will automatically be added to the pool of potential Young Experts. This means you have passed the selection process and you might be matched with future YEP positions. It is important to note that the Programme bureau cannot guarantee a position in the YEP Programmes once you are included in the candidate pool: this depends on the projects available and whether they fit your profile and preferences. Therefore, a proactive attitude towards securing a YEP position is encouraged. 

Current vacancies

Below you will find the current vacancies for which you can apply (Dutch nationals only!).

YEP Position Energy – Spark – Ethiopia


Position: Key Account Manager

Location: Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

Project title: Strengthen local solar business partnerships in East Africa

Duration: 1 year


Spark designs and manufactures modular solar energy kits and has its solar energy kits distribution in over 17 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. At Spark, we are solving the global development issue of lack of access to energy among 600 million people in Africa. Our core ambition is to build a future- proof energy solution for off-grid households and businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. We currently run our operations in over 17 countries in Africa and thrive on knowledge transfer between these countries. Our partnerships with local distributors are structured with a very long-term focus. We believe that our partners are incredible at understanding the heartbeat of the local market and assess the demand. Spark is also able to fulfil their demand in the best way possible by not only providing a modular technology to solve lack of access to energy, but much more to support the growth of these partners.

Read more “YEP Position Energy – Spark – Ethiopia”

YEP Position Energy – SolarWorks! – Malawi – Malawi


Position: Solar Engineer (Technical Lead)

Location: Malawi, Lilongwe

Project title: ENERGIZE – Improving the local technical capacity to design, install and service of standalone solar systems for small and growing businesses

Duration: 1 Year


Information about the company: SolarWorks! is a Dutch solar company operating in Mozambique and Malawi. It was founded in 2008 by its CEO, Arnoud de Vroomen, who, after an epic trip across Africa in a 2CV, was amazed at the number of people still without basic access to electricity on the continent. With a small structure of just 3 people, the company sold Pico systems for almost 10 years, selling over 100,000 lantern-type products all throughout Southern Africa.

Read more “YEP Position Energy – SolarWorks! – Malawi – Malawi”

YEP Agrofood Position – Tradin Organic Agriculture – Ethiopia


Position: Operations project manager

Location: Ethiopia, Hawassa

Project title: Enhancing organic avocado oil value chain in Ethiopia

Duration: 1 year


Tradin organic is an organic food ingredient trading and production company (800 employees) rooted in the Netherlands but working globally. Its part of Acomo, a group of commodity trading companies. In Ethiopia Tradin started in 2018 its own avocado processing plant and sourcing operations to produce organic avocado oil. Sunvado trained and certified more than 80,000 avocado farmers and set up a robust supply chain from field to consumer.

Read more “YEP Agrofood Position – Tradin Organic Agriculture – Ethiopia”

YEP Position Water – ZOA – Ethiopia


Position: Junior Grant Coordinator

Location: Ethiopia – Addis Ababa

Project title: ZOA Ethiopia relief and recovery project

Duration: 1 year


ZOA Ethiopia’s programme focuses on improving the resilience and livelihoods of refugees, internally displaced persons and returnees to withstand shocks and stresses through providing access to safe and clean water, strengthening inclusive value chains, using clean energy solutions and peacebuilding. All our projects are delivered upon foundations of Gender, Diversity and Inclusion, climate resilience, peace nexus and localization. You will contribute towards the delivery and growth of the WaSH and Agriculture projects within ZOA’s programme portfolio. This currently includes two projects, one is providing emergency shelter, WaSH and food security for conflict-affected populations in Tigray and Amhara Regions.

Read more “YEP Position Water – ZOA – Ethiopia”


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