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Apply for the Generations Global Grant for Students with ideas to prevent child and youth abuse (with a cap of 100, 000 USD per team or individual)!

Generations Global Grant

Funded by the Institute for Equality in Development Innovations, the Generations Global grant provides funding for students with ideas to

1) prevent child and youth abuse or
2) support survivors-of-abuse

We believe in a future where child abuse is history.

Even within welfare and criminal justice systems, child and youth abuse can be more prevalent than what is visible in mainstream media.

Youth and children are often sidelined in building solutions for the next generation. Our hope is that this grant will be accessible for individuals regardless of age, (dis)ability, or society’s preconceived notions about their capacity.

We believe in the potential of students in tackling child and youth abuse.

Generations Global Grant Eligibility & Value

This Generations Global grant is open to students of all ages, including homeschool students.

Students in post-secondary/university/college programs are eligible, and invited to indicate their current funding levels to help us make equity-based distribution of available funding.

Value: Variable, with a cap of 100000 USD per team or individual.

Streamlined Process

Step 1:
Describe your idea by answering 7 questions. Additionally, 21 optional questions allow space for you to describe your solution in detail.
Step 2:
Individuals and teams with complete, successful applications will be contacted to proceed to the interview stage. Follow-up interviews may be conducted with individual team members.

Note: At no point in the process will the student (applicant) be required to pay an application fee or any other fee.

Generations Global Grant Deadlines

Rolling. Solutions are reviewed by the following deadlines:

January 2nd
March 2nd
May 2nd
July 2nd
September 2nd
November 2nd

of each year.

Generations Global Grant Frequently asked questions

For additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • What are qualities of a successful application? The easiest way to maximize chances of success is to answer as many optional questions as possible, keeping in mind the organizational values of I-EDI. However, due to the fact that the grant is intended to be low-barriers for students without discrimination on age or differing abilities, the questions may not be easy to understand despite our efforts to establish a plain-language grant application. In these cases, please feel free to prepare your responses to optional questions verbally during the interview.
  • What is the average amount of funding received? The amount of funding is highly variable depending on factors such as the amount of support requested, as well as the geographic location/currency impacting the cost of resources. Applicants are encouraged to request smaller amounts, and expand the project as funding will continue to be available as long as the cap has not been reached. Multi-year projects are especially encouraged. For successful multi-year projects, the historical average is 74838.34 USD.
  • Where does the funding come from? The funding comes from our generous private and organizational donors. To support the grant and/or make a donation, please contact us.
  • What are eligible expenses? Generations: Global Grant does not outline eligible expenses, but rather, each expense item is judged individually by two criteria: 1) the directness of impact for victims/survivors, as well as 2) any autonomy of victims/survivors in deciding how the grant is allocated.
  • Can I submit multiple ideas? Individuals are allowed to submit up to two ideas simultaneously. Please keep in mind that the same idea or project can receive continued funding into the future. Do not make three or more simultaneous submissions.
  • How long will it take to know if I am successful? Our bi-monthly rolling system will acknowledge receipt within 1 week of your submitted application. Individuals may be asked to clarify fields by text communications. On average, the first interview is held within the first two months of submission date.
  • What questions will be asked during the interview? The questions will be tailored to your application, and questions will not be released prior to the interview. If other team members are involved, your team may be divided for individual interviews. In other words, please be prepared for each member to be able to answer questions.

About the Funder

Starting our work in rural development since 2015, the Institute for Equality in Development Innovations [] is a non-governmental organization dedicated to invisible – and invisiblized – populations. Our focus is on supporting individuals with multiple statuses of disadvantage and marginalization, including: ethnic minorities, with disabilities, in remote areas. We are committed to dedicating zero dollars towards advertising our marketing our own work, and believe money is best spent with shared decision-making by the community members we wish to support.



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