Explore the Postgraduate Research Scholarship at the University of Greenwich: Apply Now!

Application Deadline: 24 July 2024

Explore the Postgraduate Research Scholarship at the University of Greenwich: Apply Now!

The University is offering an interdisciplinary PhD scholarship (Vice Chancellor Scholarship) to develop the vision of Greenwich as a Civic University. The Civic University, an old concept but for UKHE today a new ‘business model’ (Goddard et al., 2016), requires an ability to integrate teaching, research and engagement with the outside world in a way that enhances all participants. This Postgraduate Research scholarship will develop a framework to ensure that research has socio-economic impact, and that teaching has strong community involvement with the long-term objective of widening participation.

The University is looking for a PhD candidate with cross-disciplinary Political Economy and Sociology experience and an interest in Education to deliver the following objectives:
· Work with Citizens UK to assess relevance of local context for 21st century university, in particular the role of Greenwich University in the leadership of place given increasing pressure from local and national
government for universities to actively engage with local communities.
· Co-produce a needs assessment of local communities, industry and local authorities in Greenwich and Medway
· Produce empirical evidence including mapping of community engagement work being done at UoG and business assessment of benefits from relationship with place where they are located
· Promote dialogue between civic universities and between university and policy makers to develop idea of university as an ‘anchor’ institution- academic practice should be relevant to place where students and academics live, study. and work as citizens.

This Postgraduate Research scholarship/PhD scholarship will combine both a sociological and a political
economy perspective on the role of the university as a place-based institution, that is, one where all activities – teaching, research and knowledge exchange – are embedded into the university’s communities, using Greenwich and Medway as case studies. As part of this Vice Chancellor Scholarship, partners will be drawn from local authorities, public service organisations, charities, and social enterprises. Students will also be an active part of this mix, acting as knowledge transfer agents through work
placements linked to their courses, employed in the organisations where they work and create further links between the university and the people who make the university.

Duration: 3 years, Full-Time Study or 6 years, Part-Time Study
Bursary available (subject to satisfactory performance): Year 1: £18,622 (FT) or pro-rata (PT) Year 2: In line with UKRI rate Year 3: In line with UKRI rate

Selection Criteria:

Education and Training:

  • 1st Class or 2nd class, First Division (Upper Second Class) honours degree or a taught master’s degree with a minimum average of 60% in all areas of assessment (UK or UK equivalent) in a relevant area to the proposed research project
  • For those whose first language is not English and/or if from a country where English is not the majority spoken language (as recognised by the UKBA), a language proficiency score of at least IELTS 6.5 (in all elements of the test) or an equivalent UK VISA and Immigration secure English Language Test is required, if your programme falls within the faculty of Engineering and Science a language
    proficiency score of at least IELTS 6.5 overall with a minimum of 6.0 in all elements of the test or an equivalent UK VISA and Immigration secure English Language Test is required. Unless the degree above was taught in English and obtained in a majority English speaking country, e.g. UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc, as recognised by the UKBA.

Experience & Skills:

  • Previous experience of undertaking research (e.g. undergraduate or taught master’s dissertation)
    Personal Attributes:
  • Understands the fundamental differences between a taught degree and a research degree in terms of approach and personal discipline/motivation
  • Able to, under guidance, complete independent work successfully
    Other Requirements:
  • This scholarship may require Academic Technology Approval Scheme approval for the successful candidate if from outside of the EU/EEA E
  • The scholarship must commence before September 2024


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