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ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) is looking for a Sustainable Energy Expert for EU Funded Project!


Deadline: Monday, December 11, 2023 – 22:00

Type of contract: Project based.
Duration: 3 Years
Duty station: Praia, Cabo Verde
Scope: Regional – ECOWAS
Salary: EUR 3,000 per Month

About the Sustainable Energy Expert for EU Funded Project

The ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE), with ten (10) other organisations, is implementing a project entitled: Energy System Modelling for Green Development of Africa (EMERGE).

 The EMERGE project seeks to provide African policy makers, academics, investors, and citizens with the tools and knowledge required to increase the production of clean energy and the sustainable use of resources while bridging cultural and socioeconomic divides. To simulate scenarios that optimize the use of current resources while considering social, climatic, economic, and technical constraints, EMERGE will co-design and test a Toolbox by integrating and building upon existing tools, methodologies, and approaches.

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Additionally, a Knowledge Base with a collection of initiatives, materials, and knowledge-exchange activities will be created. The North-Western Africa (Morocco), Niger river region (Mali/Nigeria), and east Africa (Mozambique) are three African ecosystems where EMERGE will develop knowledge communities through a participatory approach.

EMERGE aims to bring innovative solutions, knowledge transfer and capacity building approaches into the multi-faceted context of Africa through an open innovation methodology and developmental pathways focusing on practical problems and solutions, considering the economic, environmental, social and health benefits across African communities, and targeting the establishment of local business, employment opportunities.

Based on the above ECREEE is seeking to recruit a senior consultant who will serve as the ECREEE Project Manager for EMERGE.


  1. CV, Cover Letter and Certificates, should be submitted by email to ONLY   
  3. The deadline for submission is no later than 23:59 GMT-1 (Cabo Verde time) on the 11th December 2023.
  4. Further information/clarification can be obtained at the following email addresses: and  Please do not copy any of these two email addresses when submitting your documents. Your application will be disqualified if you do so.

Sustainable Energy Expert for EU Funded Project Job description

The primary responsibility of the Sustainable Energy Expert recruited for this project is to execute ECREEE’s responsibilities under this project in a timely manner and maintaining the highest quality. In addition, the Expert will work in ongoing initiatives of ECREEE that complement this project.
The specific duties and responsibilities of the Sustainable Energy Expert include:

  • Develop, implement, and coordinate annual workplans and activities of ECREEE
    work packages and tasks under the EMERGE, ensuring that gender is mainstreaming
    through the process.
  • Oversee daily management of relevant parts of the project – both organizational and
    substantive matters – budgeting, planning and general monitoring of the project in
    close collaboration with the ECREEE Renewable Energy Programme Officer
    (Technology) and under the supervision of the Director of Operations (DoO).
  • Support Collect and review data collected from member states and other sources
    for accuracy and quality.
  • Support in updating data points and country energy statistics on the interactive
    country profiles on ECOWREX
  • Support with the development of the monitoring framework report on the
    implementation of the ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Policies
  • Work with the ECOWREX team to review and reorganize the indicators and sections
    of the country profiles to provide the most relevant information to the ECOWREX
    target groups i.e. policy makers, promoters, investors and general public, while at
    the same time, making the process of updating the ECOWREX platform more
  • Develop a data validation methodology that allows government stakeholders to
    fully explore the advantages of data sourced from non-state actors.
  • Actively contribute to ongoing data collection activities such as (ECOWAS RE&EE
    Reports, GSR data collection, EAC Regional RE & EE Report)
  • Develop information, communication, and education (IEC) materials and ensure
    regular dissemination of project implementation.
  • Prepare terms of reference for national and international consultants and
    subcontractors as needed.
  • Monitor and guide the subcontractors for compliance with the agreed work plan.
  • Develop and implement self-monitoring, quality assurance and independent
    evaluation systems, including facilitated feedback from Member States and
    international partners, as a basis to sharpen and improve the objectives, strategy,
    and operations of the EMERGE.
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  • Monitor the expenditures, commitments, and balance of funds in line with the
    annual work plan and reporting requirements.
  • Develop periodic project progress reports, as well as any other reports requested
    under the project Consortium Agreement and by ECOWAS Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Build new partnerships with relevant institutions and identify funding opportunities
    for replicating and scaling up the project across West Africa.
  • Undertake any other actions requested by your supervisor.

Sustainable Energy Expert Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in energy, engineering, economics, developmental studies, or any
    related field.
  • At least 8 years of work experience in the sustainable energy sector.
  • Sufficient knowledge of the ECOWAS energy landscape: policies, legal and
    regulatory frameworks, including the sustainable energy policies developed by
  • Ability to undertake research and lead strategic dialogue on key development
  • Strong problem solving, communication, research, and analytical writing as well as
    organizational skills.
    4.1 Competences
  • Experience in System Dynamic modelling
  • Complex Scenario definition
  • Co-design methodologies
  • Previous experience in WEF Nexus
  • Experience in Nexus modelling
  • Multidisciplinary approach in research
  • Interactions with ECOWAS or AU based initiatives
  • Policy development capacity
  • Stakeholders’ inclusion in governance definition processes
  • Stakeholders’ engagement strategies
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  • Project replication in complex environments
  • Training about Nexus topics
  • Communication & Dissemination
  • Multi impact assessment
  • Experience working in donor funded projects (EU, UN, etc.).



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